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Kang Dong Won & Song Hye Gyo in Busan Project

December 31, 2009

Hmm… Kang Dong Won with Song Hye Gyo?  Why?  The two leads are in talks to be cast in Director Jang Joon Hwan‘s segment, The Cupid in BusanBusan Project is the Busan take on Paris, je t’aime and New York, I Love You, featuring 3 directors who represent the new wave of Asian film: Korea (Jang Joon Hwan), Japan (Yukisada Isao), and Thailand (Wisit Sasanatieng).

The Cupid in Busan tells the story of a national archery champion who gets dumped and ends up at the hospital, unable to get over the lost love.  He meets the president of the National Cupid Association and ends up becoming the cupid in charge of Busan, but has difficulties shooting the arrow in order to help people fall in love.

Out of the 3, Jang Joon Hwan has the shortest resume with just Save the Green Planet under his belt.  The film received much critical acclaim, winning him multiple awards on the international film circuit and a Grand Bell for Best New Director back in 2003.  Wisit Sasanatieng is best known for his film, Tears of the Black Tiger (2000) which was the first Thai film to be invited to Cannes and won the Un Certain Regard.  He’s known for his use of color and blending of old and new in his films.  He took this even further in his next film, Citizen Dog, which also gained quite a bit of buzz.  Yukisada Isao is best known for his film Go, which told the story of a Korean-Japanese boy and the pressures of growing up zainichi (ethnic Koreans in Japan).

I really liked Paris, je t’aime, so this project peeked my interest when I heard about it.  (I haven’t seen New York, I Love You yet, but it’s high on my movies to watch list.  There is also Shanghai, I Love You which is in the works for 2011.)  I also have a slight obsession with Kang Dong Won after watching Duelist, but not a fan of Song Hye Gyo, so I was a little disheartened to read about this paring.   (Has anyone seen Jeon Woo Chi yet?)

The Busan Project is aiming to start filming this winter and released in May, in time to be considered for the Cannes Film Festival.

Via Osen

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  1. ripgal permalink
    January 1, 2010 8:27 pm

    I’m excited, just because KDW’s in another film! YES!

    Not a fan of SHK too, but you can’t deny that the collab’s just full of prettiness! hahaha..

    It may end up becoming a battle of the beauties. lol..

  2. January 1, 2010 10:46 pm

    Me too! It’s not a definite and I think it needs to start filming soon in order for him to complete the project before heading to the army. I for one have my fingers crossed.
    And yes SHK is pretty. But as my mom says, who ain’t pretty these days?? haha.

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