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Creating Destiny: Episodes 13-14

January 2, 2010

Creating Destiny is a series that I regret picking up almost every episode that I watch. I’m actually up to date on watching the series and feel invested enough to finish. And I’ve decided to continue the recaps even though there may be venom and sarcasm spewing throughout, mostly so that I can feel like I’ve accomplished something on the blog. (You’re Beautiful close out post still looms in the back of my head…) These few episodes in the mid-teens were especially difficult to get through so I’m hoping that things will progress along at a faster clip going forward. So onward with the recaps!

Yeo Jun and Sang Eun get summoned to the doughnut shop after grandpa Yoon gets a whiff of Yeo Jun’s “indiscretion” (i.e. staying with Hye Rim at her house.) Sang Eun saves him from abuse by fibbing that he had called her to come over as well but that she wasn’t able to.

As they leave the shop, Yeo Jun only has one thing in his mind: his present! He demands to know why he didn’t get a present when everyone else in the family received one. But Sang Eun is more interested in receiving the her penalty money from Yeo Jun (for making her grandfather suspicious.) He hands over the money with a smile on his face.

Kyu Han comes to see Yoon Hee with a bouquet of mums and a picture of her with baby Jin Ju to complete his confession of love. Geum Ja walks into the cafe and realizes that Kyu Han actually has feelings for her daughter, and it’s not just a figment of Jin Hee’s imagination. She wonders if Yoon Hee has feelings also, but her daughter denies it vehemently.

Before leaving, Sang Eun hands Yeo Jun his present (lotion), commenting, “I don’t know if it’ll be able to cover up that nasty personality of yours.” He smiles contently as she walks out. At the hospital, his mood is ruined by Hye Rim’s presence. She’s come to deliver coffee to the staff to thank him for staying with her last night. Geez… is she annoying or what?

Hae Sung wants Yoon Hee to get back together with him. (I have no idea why in the world he thinks she’ll want to get together with him. Maybe because people in Korea think a woman would rather marry a man she doesn’t love than be a single mom?) The only nice thing here is the scenery. Where is that cafe? I’d like to go have some coffee there.

Sang Eun is in charge of picking up Jin Ju and Se Won tags along to meet his niece. He buys her a gift and gives her a bit of an awkward hug when he sees her. I love Jin Ju’s “who’s this dude” face as he hugs her.

And we finally have the meeting of Hyo Eun and Chul Ho, 13 episodes in. They have a chance meeting at a cafe where Hyo Eun picks up Chul Ho’s cappuccino by accident. It’s a little weird that they meet here first, no? They could have met at the hospital or even by Yeo Jun’s neighborhood. I realize that chance meetings are the backbone of Kdrama plot development, but it still irks me. (AND to add insult to injury, why does Hyo Eun get coffee somewhere else when she’s on her way to the doughnut store which is overflowing with cappuccino???)

Yeo Jun comes home to find Sang Eun and bringing Jin Ju home with Se Won. Not surprisingly, he basically has a cow and chases Se Won away. The two of them have their usual banter and accuse each other of not trusting each other, blah, blah, blah. But still end up making date plans for the next day.

They decide to walk the stone path by Duk-soo palace because it breaks up couples who walk it. Yeo Jun agrees to the idea but he looks upset at her plans for a breakup. (OK fine, it’s kind of cute.) They run into Hye Rim’s parents and he takes her hand and links it on his arm. Hye Rim’s parents are crazy and tell Sang Eun to leave him alone since Yeo Jun is their daughter’s man. Seriously, do people have parents like this? I would totally die of embarrassment if my parents were like this.

The faux couple takes the crazy elders in stride and continue on their date. Yeo Jun hands Sang Eun a new cell phone, unhappy that she had a couple phone with Se Won. She seems confused at first but takes the gift happily.

My favorite couple (the 2 dads) worry about their fighting kids and still wonder whether they’re dating for real or not. As Kyung Tae starts cleaning the boxes from Australia, he finds pictures of Alex among Sang Eun’s stuff. Sang Eun comes home to an upset dad and get into a fight over his constant meddling. (Although I don’t think he was being unreasonable in this instance. Why does she have photos of Alex when she’s supposedly dating someone new?) He tells her to leave the house if she doesn’t like his ways, prompting her to walk out.

Hae Sung shows up at the Kim house and wants to start things anew with Yoon Hee, stating that he never stopped loving her and realized what he lost after the fact. The family is pretty livid when he calls what he did a “mistake” and chases him out.

If you think about it from Hae Sung’s point of view, one might be able to argue that he didn’t know about Jin Ju and basically decided to break up with his girlfriend to marry someone his dad wanted. But the thing I dislike about him the most is his sense of entitlement and selfishness. He feels cheated for not knowing about the child and believes that it’s his right to raise Jin Ju. I would agree that it’s his kid and he has a right to be involved in her life, but it’s hard to believe that he loves Yoon Hee. If he loves her, he would try to think about what she went through the past few years as a single mom, not demand to take his child and woman.

Yeo Jun has become all smiles these days as his affections for Sang Eun grows. He changes his speed dial and puts her as #1 before calling her to tell her all about it. It comes at the perfect time as a fully grown woman sits at a bus stop after running away from home. (I remember running away from home at 5 and having a gay old time playing with friends before eventually returning home… why does she look so glum?)

Yeo Jun is disappointed that her dad let her leave by herself when it’s such a scary world out there. (I’m pulling out my hair at this point, thinking, OMG – she’s an ADULT!! Just go sleep in a hotel!!) She does decide to head over to a hotel room but picks out a love hotel, to Yeo Jun’s dismay.

The couple tries to figure out how to pass the night in a decent manner, and Sang Eun asks to go to Yeong-ju. Yeo Jun is pretty much at her beck and call at this point and gladly agrees to driver her there. Even though she asks him to keep quiet, he calls the Hans to reassure them that she’s safely with him.

Grandpa Yoon gets Kyung Tae more agitated, reminding him that the bigger worry is his daughter spending the night alone with a man.

The two end up at Yeong-ju but Sang Eun doesn’t really know where her mother’s grave is located and they end up having to share a room. She’s quite the miss innocent and put a pillow in between them, as though that’ll keep him at bay. Alas, this is a family drama after all and the closest the two come to touching is getting their heads to be separated the pillow.

Next day, the Hans head to Yeong-ju to visit the grave site and pick up Sang Eun. Meanwhile, the couple drives around looking for the grave without much luck. Yeo Jun tries to call his dad to ask about the locale when he and Sang Eun trip and fall down the hill with Sang Eun landing on top of him, prompting him to comment, “I told you not to jump me.”

Just then, the Han family walk up to them and demand to know what they’re doing, sitting together on the grass.

    Hyo Eun: I told you. They can’t move forward in their relationship because the elders are so involved.

Haha. I love Hyo Eun. (Objectively speaking, I realize that this isn’t that funny but I gotta find something to smile at.)

The family arrive at the mom’s grave and go through the customary bows and soju pours. The Koreans are very big on pretty locations for their grave sites and making sure that there are nice trees/flowers nearby to keep the dead company. (I’m assuming that this is true of any culture with ancestral worship as a part of their heritage.) I love these types of scenes in dramas.

As they get ready to leave, grandpa Yoon runs to sit shotgun, leaving Sang Eun to sit in the back. It’s super cute how Yeo Jun looks back at her longingly. Seeing his reaction, grandpa Yoon quips, “Are you disappointed that I’m sitting here? Should I just move… to the trunk?” He continues his harassment by moving onto Sang Eun, “I’m not saying much because someone else is here but just wait until you get home!”

Once they arrive, they leave Sang Eun behind to say goodbye to Yeo Jun. He’s worried that she’ll get into trouble and offers to go upstairs with her. She thanks him for doing this and that, leading him to stroke her hair before heading out. It’s been pretty clear that Yeo Jun’s started to like her for a few episodes now, but this seems like the first time that Sang Eun develops some real feelings for him. It was a completely G-rated trip, but it does its job of giving the relationship a kick start. FINALLY!!

Sang Eun runs into crazy girl (Hye Rim in case that wasn’t clear) in the morning and is forced to talk to her. (Oh kdramas… you’ve never heard of anyone saying no when someone asks to talk, have you…) Crazy girl talks the usual nonsense: I love Yeo Jun oppa, stop hanging around Yeo Jun oppa, I’ve worked so hard to be with him, I’ll never give him up, etc… before Sang Eun says she won’t give him up on his either and leaves. (Wait… have we seen this before? Oh yeah, about a thousand times. Do they think the viewers have developed amnesia?)

And back at the dduk store, my favorite white guy shows up! He’ll drag her kicking and screaming if he has to, damn it! In all seriousness, I figured this was coming sooner or later since Sang Eun needs to break up with mr. roboto before she can have anything real with Yeo Jun, but it did make me groan when I saw his face. Crazy girl comes in at the right time and is given a bullet when she finds out that Sang Eun had a man back in the States and that they even lived together.

Hyo Eun and Chul Ho have their second meeting at a more normal location, the hospital. He sees her talking to Yeo Jun and assumes that his teacher has another woman that he’s meeting.

Jin Hee heads to see Yoon Hee after finding out that Kyu Han has feelings for her. Crazy #2 yells at her for trying to steal her son, when Hae Sung enters the cafe and tells Jin Hee to keep an eye on Kyu Han instead of taking it out on Yoon Hee. After Jin Hee leaves, she screams at him for getting involved. And the ass has an ass-like response, “You should be thanking me for saving you!” All the while, I shake my head watching the ridiculously annoying scene unfold. When she doesn’t seem thankful for the gift that he’s brought Jin Ju, he gets even more jerky.

    Hae Sung: I guess nothing I do will move your heart anymore.
    Yoon Hee: Did you just figure that out? Let’s stop now, please!
    Hae Sung: Fine. I’ll stop with you now. Don’t regret this later.
    Yoon Hee: I’ve already done enough regretting for a lifetime. I don’t want to do it anymore and I don’t want to be involved with you anyway either.

AHHH!!! Why in the world does that ass think she’ll be moved by a stupid gift for Jin Ju?

Yeo Jun sits waiting for a phone call from Sang Eun and finally gives her a call, finding out that she left her phone in his car. He’s happy to find an excuse to go see her and blithely drives to the academy. Only, he finds his betrothed hugging another man in broad daylight. Alex is adamant in talking to Sang Eun first today and Sang Eun follows her real boyfriend, leaving behind her bewildered, faux boyfriend.

Poor Yeo Jun… but can’t he guess that the dude she’s hugging is her boyfriend back in the States? And here lies one of the things I dislike the most about this series: why are the characters so dense?
Crazy #1: He doesn’t like you! You’re pretty and apparently smart. Move on!
Crazy #2: If you have a problem with your son, go yell at him!
Assface: You are not God’s gift to Yoon Hee and Jin Ju. And if you want custody, just go to court!

The good news is that I’ve watched up to episode 23 and am still here to tell the tale. I haven’t shot myself or slit my wrists, although ep24 may push me over the edge. There are even times when I’ve even smiled. But if you haven’t started watching, I strongly suggest you stay away for your own health. (I do know that there are many who are enjoying the series more than I, so I wouldn’t take my words at face value…)

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  1. bluebunny permalink
    January 4, 2010 7:05 pm

    I’ve had this love and hate relationship with CD (mostly hate)! And after watching epi 25 I’ve come to really, really hate what’s going on with the story line. It’s too bad bcuz I was really hoping that this was something good to rewatch but to be honest I wouldn’t rewatch this drama again. I would rather re-watch 1 mommy, 3 daddy (another Eugene drama that I didn’t enjoy).

    CD is a mess and since I’ve already made it past half way through this pain and being a Eugene fan I’ll watch till the end.

    OH, an interesting point I wanted to post is that CD will be ending with 31 episodes at the end of this month instead of 36. I’m not surprised since the other weekend dramas are doing so much better in rankings.

    Ok, I feel better now since I’ve gotten that off my chest!

  2. diane permalink
    January 6, 2010 11:06 am

    hi thanks for the recap, i know what you mean? that why we are so different when we live in states. all Asian are so direct and blunt.
    but they never tell their children alway blame on other.
    I love ep 25 how he take care her while she was sick
    I cannot wait for your next recap. reading and visual the same time
    made more sense. thanks for your time.

  3. Lea Aurora permalink
    August 2, 2010 8:38 pm

    I just finished viewing the whole story for the nth time. I’m not really tired wiewing it again and again. It serves as my entertainment and erased all my pressures and stresses everyday.

    I really love the chemistry of Eugene and Ki Tae Young. They looked good together and seing them as if I feel that there is truth in the relationship. Oooops sorry.

  4. katami permalink
    August 30, 2010 7:46 am

    thanks for the recap …but where can i find recaps for the next episodes ….i’m waiting for your answer ….thx

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