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Chuno is Glorious

January 6, 2010

As I started my preparation for episode 1 (a cup of tea, bathroom run, etc), I thought to myself, “What if I hyped this up too much? What if it falls flat?” But then immediately came back to my senses, “O silly girl. How many times did you drool over the trailers? How many times did you gaze with longing at the stills? How often were you tempted to frame them and hang them on the wall? Don’t be ridiculous.”

Then a click of the mousepad brought the image that I had been breathing, to life. I’ve never been so happy to see sand blowing on my screen, so vivid even with the deadened colors that I felt like I was in a sandstorm. And then it almost immediately went into the trailer that I been glued to for the past 3 months, the fight scene at the bar. The one where Jang Hyuk is completely badass.

I don’t plan on doing any type of recap. The most that I might do is put up some screencaps along with some thoughts because this is one drama that needs to be experienced in its full glory. With that said, it’s pretty amazing what can be created when dramas are shot and produced in advance. The detail in each shot is pretty amazing and the quality is stunning. Even while watching on my computer screen, I felt like I was in each scene. I especially love how the mostly dull and muted colors still express vivacity and leap off the page. And when it’s mixed in with the bright colors of the hanboks, it’s quite breathtaking to look at.

Besides the cinematography, the story is engaging. The first episode moved quickly and was easy to follow (even for a sageuk novice like me.) It includes elements of humor (love that the slave hunters call their seniors unni), suspense, heroism, drama, and love. This episode was mostly focused on the 3 slave hunters; Lee Dae Gil (Jang Hyuk), General Choi (Han Jung Soo) , Wang Son Yi (Kim Ji Suk), and the plight of the runaway slaves, Eop Bok (Gong Hyung Jin) and family. (His daughter Eun Sil is played beautifully by Joo Da Young.)

We only see glimpses of the mystery behind Song Tae Ha (Oh Ji Ho) and his past partnership with Hwang Chul Woong (Lee Jong Hyuk). And we see flashbacks of the love between then high ranking, Dae Gil and slave, Un Nyun (Lee Da Hae): hot stones and all. It’s actually really cute.

Lastly, I’ll just make one comment. Lee Da Hae is super pretty.

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  1. ditdut permalink
    January 8, 2010 5:36 am

    I discovered FO before 1N2D. But after 2 months I realized that it’s like Groundhog Day. Every single outing is a repeat of the previous one without barely any variation. Similar jokes, similar games, similar places, even similar camera spots for stuff like cooking, washing, gossiping, etc.

    I think FO has a good concept but the execution just sucks. The whole scriptedness thing, the same routine every outing, etc. Still remember the whole Ramen Soup thing in the early episodes. That was funny the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. But after the 12th time? Errr, Senior Jongshin needs to be given new material.

  2. ditdut permalink
    January 8, 2010 5:36 am

    Woops, sorry, I meant to post the comment in the FO post.

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