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Chuno is Mesmerizing (episode 2)

January 7, 2010

After the glory of episode one, my expectations were basically as high as can be. And episode 2 did not disappoint. To be honest, I started getting a little lost with some of the political talk but my eyes feasted where I couldn’t follow the details.

I’m fully spoiled these days with my current drama watch list: Chuno, Kyung Sook, Kyung Sook’s Father, MISA, and Conspiracy in the Court. I’ve never had so much kdrama excellence in my life.

One of my favorite pre-released stills was from this scene with Jang Hyuk in the stream of dyed fabric strips. So my eyes almost popped out of socket when the episode started, trying to devour in the scene. I’m usually not a big fan of fight scenes, but I found it mesmerizing. I even had a little cackle when Dae Gil threw in a Hadōken at the end.

But I really loved the soft and detailed flashback of Dae Gil with Un Nyun in the scene. The contrast of the bright and airy shots was quite beautiful and I really appreciated the small details, like the tattered collar of Un Nyun’s hanbok. And how great a job have they done with Dae Gil, pre and post trauma? He totally looks 10 years younger and his face shines with happiness compared to the dark and hard vibe of the slave hunter.

We learn more about their forbidden relationship, as Dae Gil promises to stay with Un Nyun forever, leading to some unexpected affection. Even though Un Nyun hasn’t said much in the first 2 episodes, I already love her character. For a Korean slave girl in the 1600s, she’s one brave soul, freely expressing her ardor for her master’s son and then deciding to leave a life of luxury and status to pursue freedom.

Tae Ha’s background is revealed as well. He was a fairly high ranking officer but decides to leave his post, when his commander takes his army to find out Joseon’s dealings with Manchu. (Atleast I think… my Korean isn’t really good enough for sageuks.) After receiving a letter from his commander, who commits suicide, Tae Ha decides to run away to follow the commander’s request.

I was a little skeptical of Oh Ji Ho‘s casting, because I’ve thought he had a soft and modern look. But he’s done a commendable job at being quite natural, while carrying intensity in his face. There are some scenes where he totally doesn’t look like himself.

I’m enjoying the dynamics between the three slave hunters. Besides the fact that they’re hot, it’s pretty fun to see their chemistry right from the start. I’ve already seen multiple headlines of Han Jung Soo‘s chocolate abs on the entertainment sites…

And finally the hunter and the hunted meet face to face. The last scene in the wheat field had my heart palpitating, especially as their blades sliced through the grass.

After all the anticipation, the first 2 episodes were completely and utterly satisfying. I’m really happy to see that Kwang Jung Hwan (Conspiracy in the Court) is getting viewers this time around, with ep1 getting 22.9% and ep2 getting a little bump with 24.8%. When will next Wednesday come?

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