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Family Outing: Season 2

January 7, 2010

I have no idea why I’m interested but I am. Part of it is the 1n2d rivalry and part of it is the random dart throwing. It’s kinda amusing. It seems like everyone and their mother received a lovecall (as the Korean’s like to call it) to be part of the new family:

Kim Won Hee, Yoon Sang Hyun, 2PM Taecyeon, SNSD Yoona, Big Bang Dae Sung, Shin Bong Sun, SS501 Kim Hyun Joong, Ji Sang Ryul, Psy (whew!)

After announcing its comeback for February, it looks like SBS just cast a net, hoping that something will stick.  (Yes! That’s the way to pull together a winning program!)  No one is an official member but there are reports that Kim Won Hee (as main host) and Yoon Sang Hyun have made a verbal agreement.  And it looks like Kim Hyun Joong has already rejected the offer, citing a busy schedule.  (Good thought.  I think some acting classes would be a better way to spend your time.)

When Family Outing first started 2 summers ago, it brought some stiff competition to 1n2d, posting near 30% ratings.  But recent shows have dropped to numbers in the mid teens.  I personally would have taken a longer rest to give people a chance to miss the show, and actually develop a coherent and innovative (gasp!) approach to the dying variety show.  But what the hell do I know.

Via SportsSeoul

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