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1n2d: Jong Min is BACKKKKK!

January 9, 2010

It’s finally here! Even though I was fine with the decision to bring back Jong Min, my palms were a little sweaty as I started the episode. A little trepidation, a little excitement. Kinda like a first date?

With lots of activity for the decade’s first trip, I’ll recap the Jong Min return in this post and save all the post-Park Chan Ho hoopla for the next post. With that said, happy 2010 to all of you! I thought it was nice symbolic coincidence/ planning to have a big change come with the onset of the new year.

And I was pleased with Jong Min’s return to the show. To be honest, I was a little confused about Park Chan Ho’s visit being on the same trip as KJM, mostly because I don’t get the full on k-love for a one time OK pitcher, with one season of very good, who is now marginal at best. (More on this in my next post.) Maybe Chan Ho didn’t have any other time or something. But it created ratings gold, with the show passing 40% and reaching almost 47% at his entry.

Eun Ji Won: EVERYTHING (featuring Gilme)

After 2 grueling trips, the members receive welcome news. Just kidding! After the previous Extreme Winter Preparation trip, it’s now time for The Real Extreme Winter Trip. Haha! They prepped two weeks ago, it only makes sense that they go on a real trip now. Thankfully, base camp is in the nearby Kalbong Mountain in Gyeonggi province. The men figure that this is their fate, especially hear the name of the mountain, as “kal” means knife in Korean.

The staff throws down a mound of winter coats, but not without a little surprise. There are 7 coats on the ground and the last one is engraved with a familiar name, Kim Jong Min!! MC Mong (who replaced the army bound Jong Min) immediately takes a stand and tosses the coat aside.

Amazingly, the day of the shoot is the same day as Jong Min’s release. The men decide to welcome in their new member by picking him up at his station (courthouse) and basically kidnap him.

On their way to the courthouse, there is congratulations all around for Ji Won’s new album, along with his collaboration with Su Geun. This reminds Mong of his most recent collaboration with Ho Dong (Horrow Show) and eventually leads the 2 MCs to a rap battle. (Yes, you heard it right. Ho Dong vs Su Geun. 8 Mile style.) It’s pretty hilarious, especially as KHD is silenced by LSGn, with the real rappers declaring Su Geun victorious.

Once arriving at the courthouse, they give time for Jong Min to be interviewed before making their move. The seop-seop brothers run down the stairs and pick up a surprised Jong Min. After a little confusion (LSGi and EJW forget about the location of the getaway car), they eventually find their way into the minivan. Ho Dong has to stand outside to quell the reporters, and after Jong Min changes into his matching outfit, the now seven men all come out for their photo-op:

Variety Jeong-shin!

After finishing off with the media, the men head out to their location. With Jong Min’s first time with the 6 men, they can finally have some serious (and funny) talk.

    Mong: I thought I was going to die, pretending to be happy to see you.
    EJW: Hey you! You didn’t even wear longjohns, did you?
    KJM: I did…
    EJW: (To Ho Dong) Huh? I guess he must have known…
    KHD: Jong Min. Did you know we were coming?
    KJM: Y…yes.
    KHD: He hasn’t lost his touch.
    KJM: But I didn’t know that you’d come to the courthouse.
    KHD: So what did you think when they came and grabbed you from the back.
    KJM: I didn’t know at first. I thought it was the security guard.
    LSGi: He didn’t know. He asked, ‘Who are you?’
    KHD: When you heard about rejoining 1n2d, you were excited but also burdened. Right?
    KJM: Honestly, I felt burdened more than anything else.
    KHD: Not because you were worried about doing well or not…
    KJM: That’s right… Mostly because I was worried that I would harm the show.
    LSGi: Really?
    EJW: You are harming the show.
    Mong: There are viewers who’re saying that you’ll harm the show.
    KJM: I know. That’s why I feel burdened. I realize that they’re already watching and enjoying the show and I can’t be the one who comes on and ruins it for everyone.
    KHD: Jong Min, we have a problem. You’ve matured. You’ve changed your image.

They try to make fun of Jong Min, but in the end, the 7 men have a “1n2d hwighting!” to end their conversation.

With the initial integration out of the way, the staff gives them the ability to win rest stop food. The first rest stop has a big pot of fishcake skewers (Yum!) with the image game. (All seven men must come up with the same association after hearing a phrase.) When the men complain about the difficulty of the game, PD Na tells them that they can get as many chances as needed, but will need to open a window in their car with each wrong guess. Let’s just say that they don’t get it on the first try.

1. What do you think of when you hear “Kim Jong Min”?
The men are excited when they all start shouting 4 syllables, thinking that they’ve all got the same phrase. Well, with the exception of Jong Min, who looks on with nervousness. The first 4 men do have the same phrase, Jong Min’s nickname: 어리바리 (uh-ri-buh-ri), a dim-witted person with a naive and pure heart . (Kind of like Lennie from Of Mice and Men, but without the disability.) Unfortunately, the latter 3 come up with their own phrase. Seung Gi’s is the funniest: Hyun Young 1n2d, conjuring up memories of KJM’s ex. Hahaha…

2. Who is the most ignorant member of 1n2d?
Going down the row, everyone has written Lee Su Geun, including Su Geun! (He reveals his answer quipping, “The things I have to do for fishcakes…”) Unfortunately, KJM breaks the streak, revealing his answer of “Kang Ho Dong” Hahaha…

3. What animal comes to mind when you hear south pole?
The staff may think this is an easy one but there are a variety of answers including the north pole inhabitant, polar bear, seal. The resident smarties Kim C and LSGi reveal their answer – penguin, the most logical choice.

4. What is Korea’s favorite stew?
With one window left, the staff throws them a bone and the members all catch it, answering: 김치찌개 (kimchi stew)!

They are able to enjoy the fishcakes before having to jump into the windowless car. Looking at EJW’s breath, it truly must be cold, but the members get through the drive by enjoying Ji Won’s first single, Siren. Love it when Mong starts making everyone shake their head to the song.

At the next rest stop, each member is given the same question from all the quizzes that they’ve had in the past. A correct answer from all 7 will win them some red bean buns and dumplings. The most disturbing thing they find at the rest stop is a parked convertible. Basically each round that they need to succeed, one member will be moved to the convertible.

They turn to the forever student to get some thoughts on possible questions. He doesn’t think it’ll be on a capital, but either a person or random fact. They try to come up with signals based on the question: 2 hands up for a capital, hands on head if it’s not a capital, shake head for difficult, etc…

1. What’s the capital of Spain?
LSGi answers Madrid correctly and then subsequently shakes his head. With the number of different signals, the members left in the minivan are confused and can’t figure out what signal Seung Gi is giving them. Kim C also gets the answer and then gives a confusing clue by air kicking a soccer ball, which makes Ho Dong come up with Barcelona as the capital. Kim C starts asking the other members when they come out of the car and Ji Won thinks about it and then gives crazy eyes, yelling “Mexico!” The biggest surprise is when KJM comes out of the car and basically answers the question correct (except adding a “rel”). The members are completely impressed, initially thinking that KJM would have been their black hole.

2. What’s the name of Zeus’ wife, whose name means “ripe for marriage”?
Seung Gi and Ho Dong both get it correct with “Hera”, but the biggest stunner occurs when Kim C gets stumped. They continue the questioning to the rest of the members. The real seop-seop brothers (Mong and Ji Won) both incorrectly guess Amore, getting their makeup brands mixed up. Su Geun, who had originally answered the question, can’t come up with the answer.

When Jong Min comes out, he’s excited to hear that it’s a question about Greek mythology and easily gets the answer correctly. The members have different reactions: shock, excitement, and also jealousy. EJW even comments, “I’ll be back after a 2 year rest.”

3. Who’s the mother of music?
With the answer shouted by LSGi at the start of the quiz, all 6 men get the question correct, answering: Handel!
(Has anyone else heard this term? I have heard Bach being called the father of music but never heard Handel called the mother of music…)

As they enjoy their spoils, the men are truly impressed with the knowledge that Jong Min has picked up the past 2 years. Seung Gi is in awe when he hears that Jong Min has read the Bernard Werber trilogy: The Thanatonauts, The Empire of the Angels, and Us, Gods. Ho Dong even asks for some personal lessons to get smarter, and the 2 get into a quick game of multiplication table. The funny thing is that they give each other the easiest ones (i.e. 5×5, 3×8, 8×3), prompting Su Geun to quip, “Do some hard ones now.” Hahaha.

Ji Won, Ho Dong, and Kim C end up riding the convertible to the next location.

The last location has them playing for a huge tub of ramen by completing a water balloon toss. They need to stand 7m away from each other and zig zag the balloon through all 7 members. It takes quite a few tries and wet jackets, including a full on face catch by Ji Won, before they complete the series.

When they arrive at base camp, the men all take a nap before the next item on the itinerary, all except for Jong Min. He walks around, helping the crew and answering questions, before being given the green light to wake up the other members.

The dinner bokbulbok initially looks like it could be a huge winner as the men are given a spread of quality ingredients: sam-gyup-sal (bacon), whole chicken, rice, kimchi, potatoes, onions, flour, eggs, and fish. But there’s a catch. Each member takes turns choosing an ingredient without knowing what anyone else took. After initial choices of rice, sam-gyup-sal and chicken, the members only have eyes for one thing: rice! Even with the already finished members yelling kimchi, they end up with 5 pots of rice. Fortunately, they have chicken and bacon thanks to the seop-seop brothers.

With the ingredients, the men are given the difficult task of preparing dinner by playing tag, Top Chef style. Each member only has 5 minutes each and Ho Dong starts, looking quite lost in the kitchen. He starts putting things into water, putting the rice in water, and the 2 meats into the boiling water pots. EJW is next and basically fries a piece of bacon and eats it outside. Mong finally starts to cook the rice and then finds the bacon in the boiling water, putting it on the frying pan. Seung Gi and Kim C continue cooking the bacon, all ready for Su Geun to have a taste. (The genius Ji Won has a deep sigh when he hears that Su Geun is next, figuring out that LSGn would have eaten some bacon pieces.)

The final member, KJM starts his artistry, cutting the boiled chicken and adding it to the bacon. He even adds the rice and the red pepper paste, completing a special bacon/chicken fried rice.

There’s some uncertainty when Jong Min comes out to reveal a pot filled with what looks like a mess. But when Mong Jang Geum takes the first bite and declares, “It’s not bad. Let’s eat.”, the rest of the members get ready to dig in.

Su Geun stands up to comment, “There are 7 of us. Why did you only give us 6 spoons?” And the members all praise Jong Min for his quick thinking.

    LSGi: Jong Min hyung came back as a brain!
    KHD: Kim Jong Min came back as a genius!
    LSGn: What’s up with you?
    KJM: I’m not sure either…
    KHD: If you continue like this, these kids character’s will be gone. Cooking is Mong’s…
    LSGi: Mong hyung hasn’t said anything since he started eating…

Hahaha. The men enjoy their delicious meal, at the hands and brains of Min Jong. He’s truly has come back with some extra skills, hasn’t he? We’ll just have to watch and see how long it lasts.

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  1. anna permalink
    January 11, 2010 9:43 pm

    holy crap, that was bacon?! i though it was beef. lol that is some big bacon.

    thanks for writing the recaps 🙂

    • anna permalink
      January 11, 2010 9:49 pm

      oh, i’m an idiot. i see that kind of bacon all the time. total brain fart. >_<;;

  2. jossy permalink
    January 14, 2010 9:38 am

    For Some strange reason i always thought Handel was male? Weird guess music just isnt my forte.. hehe

    • karaelayne permalink
      February 4, 2010 3:47 am

      Actually, Handel is actually a male, and this is actually my first time he was referred to as “mother”, hahaha! Or maybe there was just something wrong in the translation?

  3. February 7, 2010 6:18 pm

    Not a translation issue… but I was curious enough to google search in Korean and English and for some reason Koreans refer to him as the Mother of Music. I couldn’t finding anything like that on any of the English sites. Not sure the origins of the nickname though…

  4. jamieguo permalink
    February 9, 2010 1:33 am

    Yeah, never heard that thing about the mother of music, the king of pop, rocknroll, etc., yes, but mother of music?

    Just watched this and really liked KJM. I remember him from Love Letter and he was great there, funny, and just overall cool at everything. And I loved it when he apologized for studying!!!

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