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1n2d: Park Chan Ho visit

January 20, 2010

Chan Ho’s here! The 1n2d’s school boy crush comes for a visit, sending the men into giggle fits and sweaty palms. As I mentioned in my last post, I wasn’t thrilled to see PCH on Jong Min’s re-entry but their ping pong game kind of made up for my slight annoyance.

In the end, it was enjoyable but I’m sure looking forward to seeing Jong Min gel with the rest of the members and the staff’s solution to the odd number dilemma.

On Kim Jong Min’s comeback, there is a surprise visitor at the door, the hero of Korea: Park Chan Ho! The men are overwhelmingly excited to see Park bringing some chicken. They announce him with the following: 0 runs allows in the World Series, which immediately makes me eye roll at the worthless stat. (And I repeat to myself, please stop talking about baseball…)

Thankfully, their conversation turns more to baseball psyche which I do find interesting coming from a player. When asked about why Park cried at a press conference announcing his retirement from the Korean National Baseball Team, he talks about his experience after signing with the Phillies.

    “I was looking forward to the press conference with the Phillies, but it ended up getting canceled because an athlete got tested positive for steroids. I was disappointed. I thought they liked me and wanted me to be on the team, but I learned that I was just one athlete in a sea of athletes. I had been mistaken. And then I had to decide whether to go to the WBC (World Baseball Classic) or go to spring training and compete for a job. I worried about the decision, but finally decided to end it there for the hoo-baes (juniors). And my dream is to rise back up on my own, with hard work. But thinking about retiring as a national player made me feel sad. Like I was saying farewell.”

Hearing Park talk about the waning years of his career was pretty touching, however delusional it might be. I’ll get into a bit more in an upcoming post but Park needs to get his head on straight if he wants to remake himself as a player, which is very much in the realm of possibility.

With the ambiance a little melancholy and serious, Lee Su Geun takes charge to lighten the mood.

    LSGn: It’s totally out of the blue, but can I ask something? Did you not buy any soda?

He does the job well, sending the members to the floor with laughter. (Also, making me yell, thank you Su Geun!) And finally, the conversation segues into 1n2d. It’s funny to hear that all Park hears is 1n2d talk when he meets Korean Americans on the road, instead of baseball. (I mean, who doesn’t watch 1n2d?)

In order to get a 4 vs 4 bokbulbok game, the men try to convince Park to stay with them. He finally agrees to stay on one condition: everyone goes for a morning dip in the stream. The men are shocked at the request but eventually give begrudging OKs and decide to break up into the OB vs YB team for the sleeping bokbulbok.

The first game up is human zero, with one miss giving them a loss. They go back and forth, but the YBs look pretty doomed when they can’t get their act together to call out a number. They try to hold out as long as possible, but the OBs eventually prevail.

Next up is a game of ping pong with Park Chan Ho and Kim Jong Min, going head to head. The YBs look to be in trouble when Jong Min needs about 5 minutes and 3 lessons before figuring out how to serve. But he only needs about 5 minutes to take down the major leaguer, winning 3-0, all on unforced errors by PCH.

They continue with ping pong and play official doubles next: EJW/MCM vs LSGn/PCH. Although Ho Dong calls for a fair and valiant game, we’re given a glimpse into the future when Su Geun decides to shake his partner’s hand instead of the other team’s had.

If the game ended easily and quietly, it wouldn’t be 1n2d. When the YB team prematurely celebrates their victory, the OBs are quick to point out that they didn’t follow the rules when EJW returns the ball consecutively. The seop-seop brothers try to argue it out until the end, but Seung Gi convinces them otherwise and apologizes on their behalf. EJW starts laughing when he realizes that they are actually in the wrong, thinking that LSGn was try to pull a fast one over them initially. When MCM also confesses that he didn’t know the rules either, Kim C appropriately quips, “How are we losing to these punks?”

In the end, YBs gain victory with a powerful smash by EJW right into LSGn’s face, making me almost pee in my pants with laughter.

With PCH losing 2 games in a row, they have a little diversion with a rematch for PCH and KJM. Jong Min takes an early 2-0 lead, with his unorthodox style of play, but PCH finally regroups, when he regains his competitive nature, and pulls out a victory. This earns him the right to give KJM a noogie, with MCM volunteering himself to hold onto Jong Min’s head for the hit.

We move onto the final bokbulbok to crown the winning team: bottle cap fling. Winner takes all in this game, with the ultimate winner leading their team to victory. The two teams take turns, with EJW getting his cap to the further point with just 1 player, Ho Dong, left on the OB team. But a montage shows that KHD is a savant when it comes to flinging the bottle cap, even shooting one into Seung Gi’s mouth in the past.

The OBs put their faith in their leader, and PCH even gives him a finger massage, albeit on the wrong finger initially. After the fling, there is chaos 1n2d style, with both teams celebrating victory. But it’s pretty clear which team wins, when we see the OB team intentionally turning over the ping pong table to get rid of the evidence. They call for the staff to decide on the final outcome.

    PD Na: We knew full well what kind of things Kang Ho Dong is capable of. But we didn’t think Park Chan Ho would be like that as well.

This sends everyone into an uproar.

After a bit of discussion, they decide to save 1 OB from the -20°C weather and throw in a caveat for a little fun. If anyone gets the bottle cap to the white line at the edge, everyone gets to sleep inside. PD Na agrees, not thinking that it would be a possibility. But miracles happen when the hero of Korea is on set. He somehow flings his cap to the edge and saves everyone on the 1n2d team from sleeping outdoors.

Ji Won, who had earlier suggested that the YB team would sleep outside if anyone on the OB team gets it to the edge, is in shock over what could have been. Seung Gi had thankfully canceled that offer when EJW casually threw it out on the table earlier.

Before heading to bed, PCH pulls out his gloves. LSGi turns into a little kid, wanting to try on the MLB glove with PCH’s name engraved on it, and even gets Kim C to play a little catch with him. Kim C has a classic reaction at the question: “What. Here?” But he indulges the child and plays a game of catch, as a dad plays with his 5 year old son.

The 8 men fall asleep, with the exception of PCH, who is yet again unable to sleep due to the excessive snoring. He decides to forgo sleep and fill his stomach instead, finding the leftover bacon pieces. The sizzling of the meat does wake up Kim C and LSGi, but they pick sleep over meat, while PCH happily eats away.

At sunrise, PCH takes a gander at the stream and gets in his workout by breaking down the ice for their dunk. When it’s finally time to wake up the members, PCH gets a kick out of hitting all of them awake. The members decide to go check out the stream and is scared senseless after seeing the ice blocks. Taking control of the situation, PCH makes a beeline to EJW for some major convincing.

    PCH: If Eun Ji Won does it, everyone will.
    EJW: Huh?
    PCH: If Eun Ji Won can go in, then everyone will be able to.
    EJW: I don’t think I can. I already have a cold.
    PCH: If you go in, it’ll chase away your cold. Guarantee.
    EJW: Either way, I don’t think I’ll even be able to put in my hand.
    PCH: It just seems that way.
    EJW: Ho Dong hyung, Jong Min, and Kim C hyung said they’ll go in.
    PCH: And Seung Gi and MC Mong.
    EJW: There are so many people going in already, why are you doing this to me?
    PCH: Everyone said they’ll go in, so it’s just you left.
    EJW: They said they’re all going in?
    PCH: What is this “ya-saeng” on your back? It’s just words, huh. [Ya-saeng: in the wild]
    EJW: It stands for sexy thoughts. Didn’t you know? [Using the syllables as an acronym]
    PCH: Then be sexy, take off your clothes and go in.

After breakfast (and more Ji Won cajoling by PCH), they head out for some pre-dunk exercises. Ji Won grumbles excessively but follows along. When MC Mong starts crying, they finally stop the workout.

Down at the stream, the men stand around and slowly start taking off their layers, when suddenly Ji Won takes the initial plunge and heads into the water. After a short dunk and exclaiming his new year wish, he jumps out and heads back inside. One by one, each team member makes their way into the stream for their new year wish for another safe and healthy year for the full 1n2d team.

Back indoors, the men reminisce about their triumphant entry into the stream, declaring EJW the hero of the day. When Seung Gi makes a nonchalant comment about being able to enter into any water from now on, PD Na’s ears perk up at the words, thinking about the trip to Antarctica, and immediately sends Seung Gi into a humble tone of apology for his words.

To commemorate the end of 2009, they decide to take a group picture at the studio. It’s pretty funny to see each member’s personality just by their pose, isn’t it?

And to close out the decade, here are the young boy pictures that they showed during the episode. So cute. (No LSGn in the montage so I just added in screencap. I think Su Geun has a face that doesn’t really age. I bet he looked pretty much the same 10 years ago. And Seung Gi’s way too young for a young boy look back.)

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  1. Kukilas permalink
    January 20, 2010 10:30 pm

    Thanks for your detailed recap! I really enjoy reading your take on these episodes, and I look forward to being able to see these episodes once they are subbed on KBS World. 🙂

  2. 1n2dfansubs permalink
    January 21, 2010 10:21 am

    Chan Ho in a way wants to feel validated as a baseball player in the eyes of his countrymen. Sometimes I sense that the guest stints on 1N2D are almost like therapy sessions for him, to get some assurance that his sacrifices were noted by someone. Realistically, he will return to Korea to become part of the Korean National Baseball team, maybe even as a pitching coach. His continued popularity in Korea is surprising for me too, considering that he is not the most successful Korean sports athlete ATM. I do wish him luck in his attempt to break Hideo Nomo’s winning record.

    The show needs to get Park Ji-Sung on. BTW, are you versed in soccer to do recap if it happens? I admit, I’m an ignorant American Asian gal when it comes to the sport. LOL.

  3. ditdut permalink
    January 21, 2010 2:13 pm

    I know next to nothing about Park Chanho’s baseball career so I’m looking forward to reading what you think.

    I still find it crazy awesome that PCH can actually get the cap to stop like a breadth away from the edge of the table. I’m enjoying PCH’s second visit more, I guess because he’s already familiar with the members. He’s gotten wittier (with the whole ‘live up to your yahan and dip in naked’ thing) and funnier. The first time around, I thought he was too aloof and serious, but I like it this time.

  4. January 21, 2010 7:03 pm

    Thank you very much !!


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