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1n2d: Seabream/Skate Trip

February 7, 2010

It’s been awhile since I’ve had so much fun watching a trip! My desire to see all 7 together is yet again pushed back to the next trip, but the Mong/Jong combo was so sweet and fun that it was hard not to love them together. And the games that that the 5 men played made me laugh so hard that I completely forgot about my disappointment. As a last comment, gotta give props to Su Geun for taking his one-liners to the next level for the past few weeks. (Keep it up!)

The seven men gather together to find out that their next destination is Heuk-san Island, off the southwest coast of the mainland, about a 2 hour boat ride from the coast. But more than just a trip to the island known for its skate (the fish), PD Na reminds them of MC Mong’s first trip to Ga-geo Island, where he was given the mission of catching a seabream. Unfortunately, he failed the mission 2 years ago and the staff has decided that it’s high time for someone complete that mission. One member will be selected to continue on the boat for 2 more hours to Ga-geo Island and catch a seabream before joining back with the team.

With the arduous mission ahead, Ho Dong takes the lead in nominating Kim Jong Min to experience the beauty and gift of Ga-geo Island, since the rest of the members have already enjoyed it. The rest of the team shouts agreements with a knowing smile, but Jong Min smartly declines the offer with a quip, “Let’s just play a game [to determine a loser].”

They decide to kick it 1n2d old school and play a game of rock-paper-scissors, with the person with a different hand being the loser. This of course, sends everyone down the road of scheming and deceptive glances, trying to figure out a way to cheat their way out of the mission. Surprisingly (and aptly), MC Mong alone throws out a rock when everyone else shows paper. It only makes sense that the one who failed the mission first time around has to go succeed.

On the boat, everyone has some fun on MC Mong’s account. KHD comments, “If he doesn’t catch a seabream, he’ll just take a spear and go into the water” and says to Mong: Just catch a whale. This gets Mong spinning his head, for a way to savor the experience with another member, namely Kim Jong Min.

    MCM: Who should I go with?
    KHD: Well… it’s…
    MCM: Jong Min…
    KHD: It is kinda difficult for one person to go alone.
    MCM: 1 + 1. You have me and need just one more. Double the fun! Double the happiness! And double the seabream! PD Na, please… I’m begging you.
    KHD: Let’s do this. Play a game, all fair and square. We play speed quiz with MC Mong making the guesses… Whoever gets the least amount of correct answers… is the person who matches the least well with MC Mong. So that person should go with him to better their partnership.

Haha. They all shout that it’s for “real” but we know that’s not gonna happen. The whole thing pretty much turns into the Mong Show, with him holding ALL the power. He makes some ridiculous guesses:
-Robocop for Ji Won’s Rambo
-billiards for Ho Dong’s volleyball
-toad, tadpole, etc. for Su Geun’s frog.

It’s so funny that the members start using the time to try and just please him. Ji Won even shouts, “Let’s just go together” when he ends up being last with one more person left. Thankfully for him, the last man is Kim Jong Min and the results have been predetermined even before KJM takes his turn. Without fail, Jong Min looses and is selected as the +1 to Ga-geo Island.

Just as the game ends, they enter choppy water and everyone on 1n2d is hit with seasickness, except for the venerable MC Mong, who uses this chance to enjoy a cup ramen, ice cream, and drink while the people around him are ready to puke their guts out.

The ride must have been torturous as MCM and KJM’s manager and stylists all get off the boat when they arrive at Heuk-san Island send their bosses off on their own.

The HK (Heuk-san) Team are given great news when they wake up from a short nap: It’s a day of free time! They get super excited when they find out that it’s not only free time, but they’ll be given allowance as well. Unfortunately, there is always a catch on 1n2d, and the members are told to write down the amount they want on a sheet of paper (without consulting each other.) Remembering the suffering from a previous allowance-requesting trip, Ji Won quips, “I don’t want any.” And Ho Dong finally gets PD Na to confess that skate fishing is part of the trip’s agenda. This gets the members agitated.

    LSGi: Just give me 30 cents. I can handle that much.
    KHD: [To Seung Gi] Ask them (staff) why they’re doing this to us.
    PD Na: Seung Gi, didn’t you say 2 days ago that you were going to work hard?
    LSGi: [To Ho Dong] If you really don’t want to work, then just quit the show!

Heh heh. They all (especially Seung Gi) has a good laugh over his insolence.

Now onto the rules of the allowance. Each person secretly put down an amount on the piece of paper. Whatever is the lowest amount is the allowance that each person will receive, but whoever wrote down the lowest amount will receive 10x the amount. This gets everyone’s heads spinning. There’s cries of “community”, “bankrupting KBS”, and “don’t be a hero”.

WHen they gather together, they all talk a big game, with Ji Won claiming that he wrote more than 10 million won (~$8600 USD) on his paper and Ho Dong saying that his is about 5x that amount. But when the truth is revealed…

    EJW: [4990 won/$4.30 USD] I thought someone would write 5000 won…
    [Everyone sighs.]
    LSGn: That means that we’ll end up with 40,000 won.
    EJW: If I get 49,900 won, that’s more than enough for me to enjoy a good meal.
    LSGn: This mean that we’re over.
    KHD: You’re truly seop-seop (disappointing).
    EJW: Whatever, let’s keep going.
    KimC: [45,000 won/$40 USD]
    LSGn: Hyung, this is a little embarrassing also.
    KimC: But think about if this was the lowest amount.
    KHD: Whatever. What if the lowest amount written was 450 million won, then we would have 4.5 billion won!! Why don’t you think big when they say that they’ll give it to us!!!
    KimC: Look. This guys wrote 4990 won.
    EJW: Let’s see. Stop nagging and show us what you wrote!
    LSGn: [60 million won/$52K USD] Hyung, think about it. If everyone else had written 70 million won just for fun, we would have 600 million won!
    KHD: [4500 won/$3.90 USD] COME ON!! YEAH!! Eun Ji Won, my brains are above yours. I OWN YOU!
    EJW: Why did you write 4500?
    KHD: I figured someone would write 5000 won, but even 4900 won didn’t sit right with me. So I wrote 4500 to be safe.
    LSGi: You guys are ruining your image with this nonsense.
    KimC: I feel the most nervous with you.
    LSGi: Why bother looking… [600 million won/$520K USD]
    KHD: 4500 to 600 million… wow.
    LSGn: Goodness… don’t even think about riding in my car.

It’s been awhile since I laughed so hard. With the 45,000 won in his pocket, Ho Dong announces that he’ll take just 1 person with him to enjoy the local delicacy, skate. He uses his position to make the men share a comic dance routine and wants to be carried like a king. The other members though take the opportunity split KHD’s legs and force him to promise that he’ll share the money with everyone. Hee-hee.

Meanwhile, the seabream team have come up with a new name ’79 friends (birth year of MCM & KJM) and try to complete their mission. Unfortunately, Jong Min fibs about his fishing skills and the 2 BFFs have a difficult time putting a new line on the rod. Even getting themselves on a fishing boat doesn’t give them any luck with the cold weather impeding their ability to catch any seabream.

Without any fish in hand, the 79 friends stay overnight in a motel, enjoying a bath, a meal, and the potential of a good night’s rest. While eating, they realize that the two of them have actually come to paradise, guessing that the other members will be heading out to catch skate.

For the dinner bokbulbok, Team Skate is given the ingredients for some spicy rockfish stew and need to play the “Name that face” game to earn their ingredients. They get the first 3 wrong (with Ji Won missing Abe Lincoln) but are able to get through the 4th round to win the rest of the ingredients for the stew. Typical 1n2d style, they decide to push their luck and ask for the staff to make them the stew if they get the next round correct. Unfortunately, Ji Won is utterly confused with the photo of the Korean gold-medal winning marathon runner from the Seoul Olympics, and they lose the rockfish bones.

They know that they should have stopped when they were ahead but gambling is an addictive game, and continue on with the hopes of winning back some of their ingredients. Surprisingly, Kim C becomes the hole, unable to guess Gargamel (Smurfs) and Beethoven. Lady luck is definitely not on their side as EJW misses Van Gogh and Ho Dong subsequently misses a famous Korean cartoon character, Hany, leaving them with just rockfish, garlic, red pepper flakes, and scallions.

Over at Team Seabream, a talking head reveals Jong Min sharing his position as the third best looking member of the team, behind Seung Gi and Ji Won. MC Mong hears the news and decides to put Jong Min’s theory to the test. They plan on making 3 phone calls to see which one gets more votes.

First, Mong calls his mom (!!) for an obvious answer. She pretty immediately picks her son as the better looking of the two, sending Mong into the stratosphere. When asked, “What do you think is better about me?”, she answers, “You’re more stylish than Jong Min.” Mom and son are super cute together, as they exchange phone kisses before hanging up. This allows Mong to vandalize Jong Min’s face before moving on.

Next up is Jong Min, who follows suit with a call to his mom. But his mom refuses to answer the phone, forcing Jong Min to call Shinji (Koyote). She tries to get out of the question but eventually answers, “Just by looks, Jong Min oppa is so much better”, and gives him opportunity to draw on Mong’s face.

For the final vote, they try to call Ho Dong, but he hangs up on them commenting, “I really don’t have time for you guys right now.” They then try their luck at singer Baek Ji Young. (She’s the one who sings My Ear’s Candy, which brought us a slick? suave? gross? version of Seung Gi during award season.) When asked the question, she retorts, “What’s with the question? You should be asking who’s the uglier one between the two of you!” The two them start trying to win her over: “Nuna, I’ll be really good to you from now on.” “Nuna, I love you!” When she finally answers, “Kim Jong Min!”, MCM goes into a state of shock while Jong Min completes his graffiti on Mong’s face.

The rest of the members start on their journey to stay as far away from skate fishing as possible. The rules of the bokbulbok will be thus: each member will write down one activity that they believe will give them victory. They will take turns to pick out a piece of paper and the last two who are left without a win will be the losers.

The first game selected is hacky sack, selected by LSGn. Ho Dong and Su Geun are both excited with the selection but a total freaky accident (the plastic streamers part falls off) during Su Geun’s turn, crowns Seung Gi as the winner of the hacky sack challenge.

Next up is Ho Dong’s choice: arm wrestling. It looks to be a foregone conclusion for a KHD victory but he seemingly struggles against the weakling Ji Won, before finally beating him after Ji Won almost pops a blood vessel. Su Geun decides to immediately head into the final game with Ho Dong, trying to take advantage of the situation. And surprisingly, David takes down the mighty Goliath, with an impressive victory.

Finally, the last game to decide the ultimate losers is most # of sit-ups in 10 seconds (Kim C) and the guys get to action. Kim C sets the stage with his Bruce Lee-esque lean body and completes 8 sit ups, opening the door for the out of shape, but determined Ji Won. He takes a “walk” out to the balcony for a little air and introspection before completing 11(!!) sit ups to usurp the high record.

Ho Dong tries to have some of Ji Won’s luck rub off and follows suit by heading outside for air. As he starts the sit ups, hilarity ensues as Seung Gi is unable to hold onto Ho Dong’s movements and gets pushed around like a toy. The members and the staff have huge laughs at the sight of the “pig slide”, and makes Su Geun yell, “I want a ride on that also!”

With that win by Ji Won, the two old men are sent off to fish for skate at 3:30 AM. KHD and Kim C try to cajole Seung Gi into joining them, but have no luck.

    Kim C: It would be perfect if Seung Gi joined us…
    KHD: Seung Gi, wanna come?
    Seung Gi: Are you demanding that I came?
    KHD: No, no. Not demanding…
    Seung Gi: If you aren’t demanding, then I won’t go.

The two men even in their tired state, have a good time fishing catching the huge skate and even get to enjoy a delicious meal of sushi and fish stew on the boat with the fisherman.

When the 2 oldboys return to shore, the other three members are there waiting for them. And the ’79 brothers return as well to complete the team but still without completing the mission from 2 years ago, and leaving us the feeling that there may be a third trip to the remote island for that elusive fish.

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  1. A N N permalink
    February 7, 2010 6:31 pm

    NICE! love them!!!

  2. penny permalink
    February 7, 2010 9:00 pm

    Thank you. Now I understand what are they saying….:)

  3. Kukilas permalink
    February 8, 2010 12:56 am

    Thanks for the recap! Its wonderful to understand what was going on in this episode. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. srisin permalink
    February 8, 2010 3:12 am

    Thank you ^^ I enjoyed reading your recap & asides.

  5. February 8, 2010 9:07 am

    Thanks for the recap !

  6. anna permalink
    February 8, 2010 8:07 pm

    omg, the “pig slide”! cannot stop laughing no matter how many times i’ve watched it.

    thank you for the recaps! ^^

  7. karaelayne permalink
    February 9, 2010 4:52 am

    Thank you so much for the recap! I have watched this with no subs, but still laughing my brains out with that pig slide scene, hahahaha! Now, I understand it better, still waiting for the subs!

  8. koolb permalink
    February 10, 2010 8:01 pm

    thanks again for the recap… I hyper ventilate watching this episode… see you next episode. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. yvonne permalink
    February 15, 2010 5:48 am

    heyy!!! firstly of course thanks for the detailed recap!! i just watched the KBSW ep…but it didn’t have the second part of the episode=/ anyway, i’m mostly commenting because you watch psych!!! i noticed the quote. hahaha. ok sorrry, it’s just rather rare to find someone who watches both 1n2d AND psych – my 2 favourite shows ever.

  10. February 20, 2010 8:44 am

    I was laughing so much during the “pig slide” moment. OMG! So funny.

  11. April 6, 2010 10:39 pm

    this episode can make me laugh so much,,
    especialy when kang hodong try to beat eun choding in kim c game,,

  12. dian permalink
    February 24, 2011 1:22 am

    do u still have the video of it?

    • March 4, 2011 8:24 pm

      Unfortunately, I don’t have the video anymore. Sorry!


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