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Catching up with Chuno

February 12, 2010

After being sidetracked by Assorted Gems, I finally caught up with Chuno! As much as I love the Gung family, it’s hard to divert my eyes when watching Chuno. There are those dramas that just capture my full devotion while watching and Chuno is one of them. It’s just so inspiring to look at: the scenery, the hanboks, Lee Da Hae‘s creamy white skin, and choco abs a galore. The story has continued to be fast paced and engaging, and easy to follow. I also adore the supporting cast which just elevates the enjoyability factor.

To be honest, the main cast of Jang Hyuk, Oh Ji Ho, and Lee Da Hae get some mixed reviews from me. Jang Hyuk is running in circles around the other two from an acting front, playing the tortured chuno, Dae Gil. He lives his life looking for his lost love and feigns disinterest in everyone around him, afraid to get close to anyone. I do think that his crazy eyes running at the end of every episode is a bit overdone, especially after seeing the same crazy eyes from Peyton Manning during the Super Bowl. But all in all, he’s bringing the perfect amount of intensity, humor, desperation, and pain.

Oh Ji Ho plays Song Tae Ha, a loyal and brave general who was wrongly accused of stealing state goods and forced to live a life of a slave. We find out that he and his band of merry gentlemen were biding their time for the real political struggle to begin. I had been wary of Oh Ji Ho‘s casting from the beginning mostly because of his modern look, but he’s done better than I’ve expected, especially in the past few episodes. From a character stand point, Tae Ha tugs at my heart more than Dae Gil or Un Nyun. I love that he refuses to make the same mistake again and chooses to include love in his life, no matter how important the matters of the state. And I literally gasped when he appeared in his full glory to Un Nyun. Hotness.

And lastly, there is Lee Da Hae. There’s been quite a bit of talk about her perfect physical appearance and overexposed cleavage. To be honest, it’s not her appearance that’s bothered me, but her character. I feel like Un Nyun has lived in a fantasy world most of her life. Even as a slave, she was shielded by Dae Gil and their romantic fantasies. (I’ve always thought of the perfect heavenly lighting in the flashback scenes made sense because that’s how the two see their past.) Then she lives under her brother as a noblewoman. I had initially thought her brave for running away from marriage, but now I’m not so sure. I wish we could get a peek into what she was planning before meeting Tae Ha, because at this point she seems like a flighty female character to me. (But maybe she’s supposed to be like this and change later.)

Now for the other woman, Seol Hwa (Kim Ha Eun). I’m completely smitten by her free spirited charm and never satisfied stomach. Even though she’s never felt wanted or loved in her life, she continues to extend her heart out to the 3 chunos. I love the scene in the tavern where she tears up while singing and throwing away the coins. She’s a perfect match for Dae Gil with her willingness to face life full on.

And the last person I want to discuss is Lee Jong HOT‘s Hwang Chul Woong. I find him to be the most intriguing, as he uses revenge as the motivation for betraying his comrades and now his father-in-law. He chose marrying a woman with cerebral palsy in order to rise in ranks and is forced into murdering his father-in-law’s opposition. Now that he’s fully fallen from grace, I’m curious to see what he’ll turn to next.

Now for the frivolous: I am absolutely loving the hanbok colors. One of the reasons I love period pieces is for the wardrobe and Chuno’s hanbok colors have me captivated. It’s especially beautiful against the muted background of the drama. The head gisaeng’s color combos are my favorite. It’s making me want to buy a hanbok, even though I’ve only worn my wedding hanbok like twice. But maybe if I owned a beautiful deep teal and mulberry one with a yellow tie, I would wear it more often.

I’m sure things will get complicated now that Dae Gil has found Un Nyun, but I like the development of the two couple. I want Tae Ha and Dae Gil to find new happiness and Seol Hwa to see that she has family. As for Un Nyun, I hope her a life with Tae Ha and his desire to bring a new order to the country will be something that she can embrace and partner with him in his efforts. And hopefully a kiss on the cliffs of Jeju Island by the greatest warrior in Korea will instill some fire into the woman’s soul.

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  1. tinysunbl permalink
    February 23, 2010 9:28 pm

    Hello, thanks for this brief review of Chuno. May I ask what program you used to take these pictures? I’m using Video to Picture and the quality of the images is not half as good as yours.

    • February 23, 2010 10:45 pm

      I use the snapshot function on VCL player but BS player and KMPlayer also have screencap functions. It could just be the quality of the video that you’re watching though… do you know what it is?

  2. tinysunbl permalink
    February 24, 2010 10:31 pm

    Thanks for the suggestions. I think you might be right. The total birate of my video is 1588 kbps, which I assume is way lower than that of an average DVD video 😦

  3. March 1, 2010 8:19 pm

    excellent review

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