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KDrama Preview: The Birth of the Rich

February 23, 2010

What does Korea need more of? Jaebol dramas of course! The upcoming KBS drama, The Birth of the Rich, tells the tale of a man searching for his jaebol father who meets a miserly rich lady along the way. The moral of the story (as told by the director) is that a rich life isn’t one that is inherited, but one that is earned by hard work. To be honest, the story seems pretty blah at first glance but I’m trying to keep an open mind, especially after immensely enjoying Assorted Gems, which I had initially written off after half heartedly reading about it.

Lee Bo Young makes her return to the small screen after enjoying a string of successes on the big screen with Once Upon a Time, More Than Blue, and I Am Happy. She plays one of the royal families of Korea, but is a total scrooge who refuses to buy anyone dinner and solely uses sample makeup. Rounding out the jaebols are Lee Si Young (Loving You a Thousand Times), playing a Korean Paris Hilton, and Nam Goong Min (IRIS), living the life of a prince.

The lead male is Ji Hyun Woo from Invincible Lee Pyung Kang, who in search of his jaebol father. (Cameo by Son Ho Young of G.O.D. as his dad, in flashbacks I’m assuming. G.O.D. is my 2PM folks. I may watch it just to see him. Haha.) I watched little bits of Lee Pyung Kang here and there, mostly to help with subbing, and I wasn’t a fan of the overacting from either Ji Hyun Woo or Nam Sang Mi.

The series will pair Director Lee Jin Suh and writer Choi Min Ki who worked on the daily drama The Glory of Youth earlier this year. The drama will follow God of Study and will air on 3/1.

Below is a short preview clip and the press conference. (No subtitles though, sorry!)

Via JoyNews

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  1. solein permalink
    February 23, 2010 6:00 pm

    since iam a fan of LBY ill have 2 watch this but still i hate the leading guy he is one dreadful actor why do they keep casting him as the lead i wish nam goong min was the lead

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