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Upcoming Ladies of KDramaland

March 19, 2010

(Well… kinda upcoming. It took me a little while to finish the post so two of the dramas have already started.)

With the film landscape of 2010 focused on male-centric storylines (war dramas, thrillers, etc.), the female stars of Korea are turning to the small screen to show off their acting prowess. I’m always in the mood for a good female role so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing some honest and real ladies on screen.

Unfortunately, the article focuses on their hairstyles more than anything else, which I found sorely disappointing as I perused it. Seriously, is this the best way that we can describe female characters? I had originally decided to translate the article just by looking at the headline and knowing that March 2010 is the 30th anniversary of the National Women’s History Project (as well as being Women’s History Month) but it looks like I’m relegated to just poking fun at it. (Translation in italics.)

The early part of 2010 is bringing the foxes to the small screen. Moon Geun Young, Son Ye Jin, Han Chae Young, Lee Bo Young, and Chae Rim are all taking lead roles. They are each trying to show a different charm through their new characters and the anticipation of seeing change in these actresses are raising interest levels.

Moon Geun Young: A woman of maturity
Moon Geun Young exudes the fragrance of maturity. She will be radiating the beauty of a lady in the upcoming Wed/Thurs KBS drama, Cinderella’s Sister. She will be shedding her “national younger sister” image to venture into a role of a mature woman. At a resort in Gyeounggi province, she revealed her older image by showing off her long straight hair. Her transformation is raising expectations about the drama throughout the industry.

Definitely looking forward to this more than any other upcoming drama (besides Road Number One). Moon Geun Young is quite the good little actress and I look forward to seeing her act her guts out with another good little actress, Seo Woo. Also, I don’t care that she straightened out her hair.

Son Ye Jin: No longer a vision of purity
Son Ye Jin has done a 180. She’s thrown away the innocent image that conjures up one’s first love through the April MBC drama, Personal Taste. She’s the CEO and founder of a furniture brand for singles and has a desire to find a gay friend. For the drama, Son Ye Jin will have big curls in her hair, instead of her trademark straight hair. Even though only her hairstyle has changed, the innocent image of Son Ye Jin has seen a change.

This is an odd description of Son Ye Jin, as she shed her innocent image quite awhile back and just recently made lots of headlines over a nude scene in her movie Into the White Night (which I just rented last night). Her image in the new drama looks more child-like than her previous work, methinks in an effort to keep her looking young next to Lee Min Ho. Also, I don’t care that she curled her hair.

Han Chae Young: A tomboy
Han Chae Young becomes a reporter in the MBC drama, A Man Called God. She plays a fiery local city reporter and it’s odd to see the sexy Han Chae Young in an oversized jumper. A tomboyish Han plans to show not just her outgoing personality, but also bring a delicate subtlety to the role. On location in Hawaii, she commented, “I must have always played quiet and lady-like characters because this role is taking a lot of energy out of me from the get-go.”

I have not seen A Man Called God yet, but it seems like this is also a weird description because I’ve read reports that she’s quite the barbie in her new role. It’s hard to hide curves, even under an oversized jumper. Surprisingly, there are no comments about her hair in the article.

Lee Bo Young: Long straight hair no more
Lee Bo Young has cut off her long straight hair, one that she’s kept since her debut. In the new KBS drama, Birth of the Rich, she’s taking on the role of a self-righteous and scrooge chaebol. It’s been four years since her last TV drama and shares that she doesn’t have any ill feelings about losing her hair. She’s more than happy to shed the locks after needing to keep the long mane to endorse a shampoo brand for the past 3 years.

Birth of the Rich is a pretty awful drama. Fortunately, Lee Bo Young‘s TV comeback isn’t just in the awfully titled, but also in the winsomely titled Harvest Villa, a witty and alluring comic murder mystery, reminiscent of Evasive Investigation Agency. Because the drama has completed production, she still has long hair in it.

Chae Rim: Transformation to a curly-haired ahjumma
Chae Rim becomes a tough ahjumma in the new SBS drama, Oh My Lady. She plays a lively and energetic character but has put in big curls into her hair to look more like an ahjumma. Even though she portrays an ahjumma, she plans on showing off a bright personality through the new role.

Wait a minute… Hasn’t she already played a single mom (Job Well Done)? And hasn’t she already basically had the same curly hair (Dalja’s Spring)?

As much as I poke fun, I continue to look forward to seeing female leads in dramas and hope to see one of these roles emerge with a character layered with beauty, depth, and the reality of being a woman.

Via MoneyToday

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