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KMovie Preview: Like the Moon Escaping from the Clouds

March 21, 2010

After years of being unable to watch sageuks, my eyes have finally opened to a whole new world (thanks to PD Kwak Jung Hwan of Conspiracy in the Court and Chuno.) It totally makes sense because I love period pieces with their extravagant sets, intricate costumes, and historical contexts. Thankfully, the revelation has come at the right time with director Lee Jun Ik releasing his film, Like the Moon Escaping from the Clouds, next month. The beautiful set stills and posters has been out for quite awhile but I recently watched the trailer which has me completely hooked.

The film is based on a manhwa and tells the story of Joseon during the Imjin War, the first Japanese Invasion in 1592. Jung Yeo Rib (not in the film but a historical figure) forms a resistance force (known as Dae Dong Gae) along with friends, Hwang Jung Hak (Hwang Jung Min) and Lee Mong Hak (Cha Seung Won) to fight against the Japanese invaders in lieu of the national army. But their actions also bring about enemies in the Royal Court who attempt to disband the group.

Lee Mong Hak decides to take matters into his own hand and takes over the resistance group, stopping at nothing to overthrow the corrupt court and become king, including killing his friends or leaving behind loved ones. After learning about the death of Jung Yeo Rib at the hands of Lee Mong Hak, the blind swordsman, Hwang Jung Hak decides to chase after Lee Mong Hak. He joins forces with Gyeon Ja (Baek Sung Hyun), who also desires revenge on Lee Mong Hak for murdering his father. Lastly, Han Ji Hye‘s Baek Ji – a gisaeng who is deserted by her one true love, Lee Mong Hak to satisfy his ambitions – also enters the chase in order to win back her love.

The film is directed by the Lee Jun Ik, one of the most respected directors in Korea with King and the Clown, Radio Star, Happiness, and Sunny. The film would have been a must watch based on Lee Jun Ik alone, but adding in Hwang Jung Min and Cha Seung Won is making it sound like a dream.

The film finally has a release date (4/29) and has already been purchased by 5 countries at the recent European Film Market. I’m crossing my fingers for a NY release. Below are some stills along with the preview.

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