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1n2d: 3rd Annual Members vs Staff

April 14, 2010

I know it’s been a LOOOOONG time since I’ve done one of these. So, instead of trying to catch up, I thought I’d start anew. With the men now finished with the viewer trip and the recent cancellation of the South Pole trip, the show could have easily taken a downturn. But one of the reasons why I love 1n2d is its ability to entertain with very little “meat”. It doesn’t need a lot of pomp and circumstance to bring together a fun show.

After the hilarity of the previous trip, where a series of unfortunate events led the soon to be hubby Eun Ji Won and the newly blond MC Mong to the barber for a head shaving, the team meet at the town of Tong Young in Gyeong Sang Nam-do, also known as the Naples of Korea. (This comment made me laugh so loud.)

The seop-seop brothers return for their next trip, with matching heads and purple jackets, reminding us once again why they’re the perfect combo. The big news of the day is Eun Ji Won’s announcement of marriage. The members are kind of like excited kids and proud dads as they talk to Ji Won about his upcoming wedding. And with multiple reporters on hand, Ho Dong arranges for a press conference. It’s pretty funny when the female reporter shouts out, “Do you love her?” as though we’re back on Love Letter. And super cute when Ji Won shouts “Please marry me!” to his bride to be.

On the boat, the men are presented their own Sophie’s choice: enjoy the delicious spread but go mackerel fishing OR watch everyone else eat and stay at basecamp during the fishing outing. At first PD Na tells them a big revelation on the show will allow them to eat for free, which prompts KimC to scream, “I’m really a woman!” (Tee hee) Su Geun even tries to Mission Impossible his way to a piece of kimbap but PD Na quickly moves the tray out of Su Geun’s range.

The men begin their excessive drooling as they stare at the food and eventually start crossing the line one by one. Su Geun makes the jump first and starts double fisting kimbap down his throat before Ho Dong and Kim C join him. Seeing the food dwindle, the last three holdouts (Seung Gi, Ji Won, and Jong Min) think that they’re out of the woods until the staff takes out boxes of food for themselves. They are unable to withstand the temptation and torture and find their way across the line to enjoy some (delicious looking) lunch boxes.

After lunch, PD Na decides to give the members one last chance to get out of mackerel fishing. A customary dunk into the ocean will reprieve the member from the arduous ordeal. They each start taking there jackets off, but when Ho Dong counts down from 5, they all end up just staring at each other, unable to make the first move.

When Mong takes the first plunge, the other follow suit, except for Su Geun and Ji Won, who decide that fishing may be a better alternative than the frigid water temperatures of chilly February. They are given an amazing treat when the fishing boat captain shares the location of their activity: a mackerel farm just 5-10 minutes off the shore! It’s so close that PD Na even takes the trip with them.

(BTW – Doesn’t Jong Min look so cute in his “seven” tee?)

They enjoy a pretty fun time, playing with the fish and delighting in some mackerel sushi (which is making my mouth water as mackerel is one of my favorites.)

For the dinner bokbulbok, PD Na and co. have somehow received information about my favorite foods, because they are basically all included in the seafood buffet. (I wrote down the name of their destination in my “Places to visit in Korea” list so that I can go and gorge on all the seafood.) All they need to do is complete a series of tasks (one per member) within 99 seconds. Seeing the items on the floor, they announce that this is an impossibility.

    KHD: And every time we fail, you’ll be taking away a plate of food.
    PD: Yes. That’s right.
    KHD: YAH@#$&*!
    MCM: I got the answer. They’re telling us to just eat cold rice with red pepper paste.

They pull together they first assignments based on “skill” levels.

1. hacky sack: MC Mong
2. pog: Su Geun
3. sit ups: Ji Won
4. jump rope: Ho Dong
Which turns into a nice fun time as they make fun of his hamburglar pants, such as EJW commenting, “They let people in jail have some free time in the yard [with jump ropes]”. I feel his pain because I too have felt like the hamburglar while trying on some of this year’s nautical trends.
5. elephant turn/shoe catch: Kim C
6. lemon: Jong Min
7. losing rock/paper/scissors: Seung Gi

They lose the first round and give up the uni (sea urchin) as I yell NOOOOOOO, as it is my favorite plate of food. The pog continues to give them problems and tire out Mong as he is forced to continually restart the line. Their 2nd attempt is thwarted by Jong Min’s lemon eating, as his face pretty clearly shows his inability to consume the lemon.

They end up changing the order around to allow Mong to eat the lemon, moving Su Geun up to hacky sack and Jong Min to pog. But their third time goes awry when Seung Gi unable to “win” his losing rock/paper/scissor game, even after a pretty good amount of practice. (After trying this at home with my husband, my conclusion is that he was losing on purpose for the fun of the game. Cuz it’s pretty easy.)

As their food dwindle down, PD Na gives them a chance to win back 3 plates of food if one member succeeds in completing all 7 obstacles. And everyone pretty quickly realizes that the only one who is capable is Mong. When he and Su Geun fail at their turn, Mong tries a new tactic with Ho Dong quickly supporting his efforts.

    MCM: Can we go one more time but with the jump rope first? PLEASE?
    KHD: You promise to do your very best for the rest of the shooting?
    MCM: Yes.
    KHD: You promise?
    MCM: Yes.
    KHD: You’ll do everything you can to entertain for the whole trip?
    MCM: Yes.
    KHD: Since you promised to do your very best. Then fine. Call. Go ahead.
    EJW: Why are you saying giving permission?

This gets a nice guffaw from the staff but they agree to the change. It’s a pretty grueling task and even the great Mong ends up giving up.

For their last ditch efforts, they end up putting Jong Min last for the losing r/p/s game. Unfortunately, this really comes to bite them in the butt as KJM has difficulty understanding how the game is played. Even after explanations immediately before his play, he is unable to adjust and end up losing the last two plates of food. And this leaves them with a huge pot of rice and kimchi.

Now their thoughts turn to the main event: sleeping bokbulbok vs the staff. Both the members and staff start discussing which games to include. The somber convo between the PDs is especially funny.

    PD Na: What should we do?
    Jimmy Jib: We can’t play traditional sports games. We’ll have to stick with jok-gu (soccer volleyball) or something like group jump rope.
    Camera1: We can beat them at jok-gu.
    Jimmy Jib: We can’t lose.
    Sound: If we lose, we’re really gonna pay for it.
    Camera2: We’re gonna have problems with hacky sack.
    Lady PD: There are so many men here. We don’t have anyone here who can compete against them?
    PD Na: They’re in the top 1% of Korea. (This cracked me up.)
    Camera2: We can’t beat them with sports.

As the next set of montage shows, the members have been doing these games for years now. They are pretty much ready for whatever is thrown at them. And this worries the staff.

The members pick hacky sack as their game of choice. As the first staff rep is about to begin, KHD tries to make him as nervous as possible. When the first staff member completes 5, Mong grabs the opportunity to complete 37. The 2nd staff member only is able to complete 18, leaving Mong as the hero. Su Geun finishes the game by getting 0 with his blind hacky sack kick.

The next game is the staff pick, jok-gu. As the players take the field, the staff cheers as Eun Ji Won joins the member team, commenting, “Are you guys throwing this game away?” And their delight turns into reality as the staff plays to their advantage by continually kicking the ball to Ji Won’s vicinity. Ho Dong subs in for EJW but it’s too late as the staff wins handily: 5-1.

For the final tiebreaker, they decide on the bottle cap flick game: 7 vs 7. The members take white and the staff chooses black (because the future of the staff is bleak, according to Ho Dong). The members do a great job with the white caps taking a pretty commanding lead, as nerves get the better of the early staffers. It looks like victory is in the member’s grasp as Mong lands his almost 3/4 of the way down the table.

But FD JK (Jung Keun) is able to land his well past Mong and Su Geun’s caps, giving hope to the 100+ folks watching. Last up for the members is Ho Dong, who’s uncanny genius at the game has propelled him to legendary status. After fairly extensive planning and practice, he takes his position. But the staff decides to ice him and change the tape. Maybe the icing did its job, because Ho Dong isn’t able to overtake the victor and hero, FD Kim Jung Keun. This lands the 7 members outside in the cool evening while the full staff enjoy their warm beds.

With the conclusion of the match, they show a bedroom scene from the previous ping pong trip. And the now infamous Seung Gi in his tiger underpants scene. Considering that we’ve seen Su Geun basically naked, I think LSGi is quite tame here.

The conversation turns to Jong Min’s meeting with his soulmate… at a club. (HAHAHA!) He stares at her all night and finally works up the courage to ask for her phone number. When he goes to ask, all she does is give him a “go away” hand gesture, without even a word. And when he approaches a second time, she gives him a little nod at first but eventually gives him the go away gesture again.

The episode ended pretty uneventfully, but I wanted to make a little comment about Jong Min. He’s taking a little while to still settle into the group but hearing this story reminded me of how cute and innocent he’s always been. I hope he can adjust quickly and feels comfortable with the team very soon. Kim Jong Min: Hwighting!

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  1. deeta permalink
    April 14, 2010 9:49 pm

    Jongmin and his soulmate story was seriously hilarious. I so didn’t expect that ending, hahaha.

    And personally, Na Choding is so fun to see. Hehe.

  2. Kukilas permalink
    April 14, 2010 11:01 pm

    Thanks for the recap! This looks especially funny, and I am looking forward to the subbed KBS World version.

    I agree that Jong Min hasn’t found his groove yet with the team, and since he is coming in after being away two years, thats totally understandable, but I hope he will be able to adjust soon.

  3. grace permalink
    April 25, 2010 1:13 am

    thanks for the recap!!


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