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Harper’s Bazaar Korea: Welcome to the Arthouse

April 21, 2010

Harper’s Bazaar Korea has a special section planned for its May issue entitled, “Welcome to the Arthouse.” (That’s just my translation of the title but I think it’s close to their intent: A play on Welcome to the Dollhouse.) 26 actors and directors will participate in the photo shoot to promote Korean art house/independent films, including the amazing Duelist pair above – Ha Ji Won and Director Lee Myung Se.

Here are some others who will grace the pages of the magazine: Secret Reunion director Jang Hoon and Go Chang Suk (who plays the Vietnamese boss), upcoming film Bang-ja ChroniclesKim Joo Hyuk and its director Kim Dae Woo, Director Min Kyu Dong and Kim Hyo Jin from In My End is My Beginning (from Five Senses of Eros), Crush and Blush director Lee Kyung Mi with Eom Ji Won, Chaw director Shin Jung Won and Jung Yoo Mi. Besides the pairings above, Lee Yo Won, Go Soo, Lee Min Ki, Yoon Jin Seo, Song Ji Hyo, Kim Ji Suk, Directors Lee Jun Ik, Park Chan Wook, Im Kwon Taek, Bong Joon Ho, and a multitude of others will take part in the special issue. Technically, many of the movies listed above are not art house or independent films but the total opposite (aka blockbuster). Either way, it all still sounds pretty fabulous.

A few more of the released photos are below the jump.

Lee Byung Hun and Director Kim Ji Woon of I Saw the Devil

Ahn Sung Ki and Director Lee Jang Ho of Windy but Pleasant Day

Jung Jae Young and Yoo Sun from the upcoming film Moss
(Can anyone name the person on the right?)

The Fabulous Bae Doo Na

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