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My Name is Lee Hyori

April 24, 2010

내 이름은 이효리. 거꾸로해도 이효리. [My name is Lee Hyori. Backwards is still Lee Hyori.] It’s not technically, but you get the drift. After ending “Family Outing”, she’s flying high with the recent release of her new album H-Logic. By the looks of things, she’s going with the tomboyish 2NE1 route with a bit of Lady Gaga mixed in, rather than her usual sexy. Her album images are kind of weird but interesting: She has a clown in the pictures.

She is also featured in the May Vogue issue, combining [wedding] gowns with athletic apparel (Jeremy Scott Adidas) to create an interesting look. I like contrasting combos in fashion so I found the concept interesting in theory. There’s something a little off but she still looks good. I love that last wedding gown (where she’s stretched out holding the ball.) If I ever get married again, I’m going to wear an Amsale dress if it kills me.

Even though her music isn’t my cup of tea, it’s nice to see a 30-year old Lee Hyori continue her success in the midst of the girl idols. And I personally enjoy her strong and kinda mean persona over the seemingly sweet ones of the girl idols. It’ll be fun to see her join a variety show soon.

Below are images from her album, clown and all.

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