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New Hubby Eun Ji Won’s New Show

April 28, 2010

What a lovely picture and the new couple is looking mighty fine. Love his black and white tux and she looks very pretty. And it looks like Ji Won is earning his keep as a new husband, working hard for his new family.

Eun Ji Won (former leader of Sechkies), along with the former H.O.T leader Moon Hee Joon, will MC a new action variety show on KBS JOY starting in May. The show is loosely translated to Target: Idol League and will feature new idol groups and pit them against each other crown the “top” idol. I’m sure the usual shenanigans will be including singing and dancing befitting an idol. The first show will feature U-KISS and Z:EA, whoever they may be.

Korea has a lot of variety programs, doesn’t it? I guess it’s like the US reality shows. I would normally not care at all but I gotta keep up with my 6 7 men.

Via JoyNews

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  1. im_amot permalink
    May 13, 2010 12:38 am

    I love this new show because of the MC ..

    Jiwon and Heejun will be great !!!


  1. New Hubby Eun Ji Won’s New Show «

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