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Can Rain Handle the Genius?

April 30, 2010

After weeks of rumors, Rain has partnered up with the Chuno team of Director Kwak Jung Hwan and writer Chun Sung Il (My Girlfriend is an Agent, Dad Likes Men). It actually looks like the partnership was initially made with Chun and they reached out to Kwak Jung Hwan to join forces. And who can blame them when the genius here clearly lies with the talented Kwak. (In case it wasn’t clear, I’m a fan.)

The new drama is tentative titled Fugitive [도망자] and very little information has been released about the drama, except that there will be one or more people running away and that it’s not a sageuk. The drama is already scheduled to air after Baking King, Kim Tak Gu (with Yoon Shi Yoon and Park Shin Hye), which will air after Cinderella’s Sister. This puts the time table for the premiere of Fugitive sometime in September or October, about 5-6 months away. To put that in perspective, Chuno started filming mid-August for the 1/6 premiere, almost 5 months earlier. And Kwak’s masterpiece, Conspiracy in the Court was fully produced before it even began airing.

So let’s say that I’m less than thrilled with this situation. I adore Kwak and would pay bundles of money to watch his work but I’m not enamored with the idea of Kwak teaming up with either the writer or with Rain. (I actually haven’t finished Chuno yet. Can I dare say that I was slightly beginning to lose interest towards the end? And the writing in the series was definitely not its strong suit.) Nor am I happy with the current drama schedule. It’s of course possible that things could get pushed back. But with the success of Chuno and Rain’s schedule, the chances of things being delayed is less likely than usual.

This news actually is making me a little blue. And when that happens, I like to pop in my CitC videos. Man, do I have issues…

Via SportsChosun

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