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Haha-Mong Show Finally Gets On Air

May 3, 2010

The Haha-Mong Show finally debuted on SBS on 5/1 and it threw up a rainbow. (Serious, that’s a whole lot of color.) It also wasn’t lacking in the street lingo department – lots of “yo! yo!”s thrown around. I was fully expecting a “word up” but I guess they decided they didn’t need to resort to such depths. It was kind of a throw back to West Coast 90’s hip-hop style and reminded me of an overseas trip I took in the early 90s where the only US show I was able to find on TV was a couple hours of MTV. And every night, there was an episode of a Snoop Dogg sketch comedy show called Doggy Fizzle Televizzle. (The title really says it all.) It was a really bad show but so bad that it was funny.

The show consists of all idols (some from SNSD, BEG, and couple of other boy idols) who were coined the Ha-mong crew and their special guests were Dae-sung and Seung-ri who each performed a rap that could have been the opening song for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It was pretty ridiculous but I found it oddly amusing because it felt like a throwback to all the stupid MTV shows I watched 15-20 years ago.

The second half of the show consisted of more idols. Mong and Haha went to visit the 2AM home with 2 Kara girls in lieu of one of the boy’s mom. They became the group’s mom for them for the day, washing their hair, making lunch, washing their sheets, etc.

The ratings for the first episode was pretty low at 4.5% and basically lost to all other variety shows from Saturday. I’m not sure if the show will continue to have this format but I think they’re going to have to fast forward about 15 years to grow some viewers. (Or hope that there are a lot of people in Korea who have a strong desire to see 90’s Will Smith back on TV.)

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  1. 1n2dfansubs permalink
    May 4, 2010 12:49 am

    Ouch, rating… Haven’t watched it yet.

    MCM is a sweet guy though, you heard about his twitter bok-bul-bok

    Secondly, what is up with Lee Su Geun, new shows

    I happen to love 80s and 90s music. XD

    • May 4, 2010 2:18 am

      I know… ouch. I wanted to like the show more but I think they might need a little time to settle into a groove. I do wish they had other people on the show besides idols. I really love MCM (and Haha actually). I wish I lived in Korea so I could have seen Iron Man with him! haha!

      It looks like Su Geun’s hot stuff these days (or he’s trying really hard to stay out of the house).
      He’s kinda been my favorite on the show recently. I like that he has a witty edge to his jokes.

  2. July 25, 2010 3:33 pm

    That episode was gut-bustigly funny. Maybe the ratings will improve. I love those two namja together and I think the cheezy-a$$ name they picked for the show is hilarious itself. I also love rap that’s bad on purpose. LOL

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