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Han Eun Jung cast as the other Gumiho

May 20, 2010

I had mentioned in the initial Lee Seung Gi casting post about the 2nd gumiho drama happening over at KBS. (Seriously, isn’t that weird after the whole Iljimae hoopla?) This gumiho drama, The Gumiho’s Revenge, tells the story of a gumiho who leaves her husband after he breaks a 10-year old promise. The story also involves their daughter who has human and gumiho blood. The gumiho subsequently decides to take revenge.

The Gumiho’s Revenge will be directed by Lee Geon Joon of You are Very Good, Loveholic, Rosemary, and Loving You and written by Oh Sun Hyung (Don’t Hesitate) and Jung Hye Won (cartoon film). I haven’t actually seen any of these projects so I really don’t know much about the PD or the writers but I do know that the PD Lee Geon Joon is a kdrama short veteran with about a dozen shorts under his belt.

I like Han Eun Jung. I know that she’s not the best actress around but I’ve always liked her and want her to do well. And she’s the only one who was decent in the atrocity that was Cinderella Man. I believe that Gumiho’s Revenge is being set as a sageuk and it will air at the same time as My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, so it’ll be interesting to see them side by side. Although I’m sure that they will be very very different considering it’ll be a sageuk vs the trendiest of trendy dramas in the Hong sisters. The Gumiho’s Revenge will start production in two weeks and air in July after My Country Calls.

Via Asiae

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