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Disco Makes a Comback in Gloria

June 29, 2010

Missing disco? Then here’s a show for you! The new Lee Chun Hee (!!) / Bae Doo Na drama about life in a night club promises to provide all that disco you’ve been missing in your life.

I’m a little late in posting but I figured it’s better late than never to post some Lee Chun Hee news! (BTW – how cute does he look holding onto the pair of sneakers!) Our favorite Chunderella has been cast as a badass tough gangster. But it looks like at least a little bit of his Chunderella ways is left as he’s a gangster without much talents in fighting. He also plays Bae Doo Na’s childhood friend and comes to her aid whenever she’s in a bind.

The real lead in the drama is Bae Doo Na who plays an aspiring lounge singer while taking care of her mentally disabled sister. It looks to be the usual poor but hardworking girl rising out of the depths to find love and success – with a Saturday Night Fever twist. The PD for the drama is Kim Min Shik who most recently brought us, Still, Marry Me and Queen of Housewives, and is written by Jung Ji Woo of Wish Upon a Star.

Rounding out the casting is Suh Ji Suk (OBGYN Doctors), who plays the quintessential chae-bol who falls in love with the poor girl and So Yi Hyun (Assorted Gems), an illegitimate daughter of a chae-bol who brings a truck load of personal issues. The drama will also have the cutie Parang from Wish Upon a Star (Chun Bo Geun) playing Lee Chun Hee’s nephew who befriends Bae Doo Na’s disabled sister. I’m sure a lot of the cute, sweet moments will be coming from this relationship.

The PD and writer duo may not have shattered any minds but have produced enough watchable dramas in the recent years to warrant a gander. I had originally thought that Lee Chun Hee was the main male lead in the drama but I’m not so sure anymore reading some of the articles that have mentioned the Bae Doo Na – Suh Ji Suk loveline. As much as I love Bae Doo Na, I’m really hoping for lots and lots of Lee Chun Hee face time since he’s the main draw for me.

Via Newsen

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