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Hiatus Done

June 27, 2010

So I was forced to take a month long hiatus from the blog and kdramas (*gasp*) due to some personal reasons. But the beginning of summer (here in the northern hemisphere) is the perfect time to return to some good ole kdrama love. Looking at the past few posts, it’s apparent that I was in Seung Gi’s gumiho-land so I guess it’s only appropriate that I revisit in my first post back.

I’m a bit of a sucker for folklore and mythology so both gumiho projects (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child) have piqued my interest to say the least. There have been quite a lot of stills released for Fox’s Child as it is set to premier on 7/5 and seeing the sub-par image for the child gumiho made me long for the awesome gumiho story told by the brilliant Kwak Jung Hwan (Conspiracy in the Court, Chuno) in the first season of Hometown Legends. Seriously, doesn’t Park Min Young look sexy and frightening as the gumiho?

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Shin Mina cast as the Gumiho

May 26, 2010

The dust has settled and we landed on Shin Mina? Amidst all the speculations, I don’t remember seeing Shin Mina‘s name anywhere, but I’m glad that a decision has been made. I find her to be oversaturated in the market with all her CFs but I think she’s quite a capable actress. I liked her a lot in the first few episodes of The Devil (which I will need to finish watching before Gumiho) and also thought she did a decent job in the movie, The Naked Kitchen. (Writing this is just making me miss Joo Ji Hoon.)

It’s been a couple of years since her last project, so I’m sure she’ll need to get back into acting mode. Hopefully, she can catch on quickly. The only thing that made me a little sad from the news is that the late casting is pushing back the production schedule to begin in late June or early July with the first episode airing sometime in August after Bad Guy. I was really looking forward to seeing the effects of the the early production schedule, so here’s hoping to some early filming!

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KDrama Review: My Sister’s March

May 21, 2010

As an entertainment hoar, I like everything dramatized. I get the bulk of my news from The Daily Show and Colbert Report and one of my favorite “history” writers is Sarah Vowell who’s penned such titles as Assassination Vacation (about the assassination of 4 US presidents). Predictably, I like my history dramatized, especially when the story is told through a slice of everyday life. And My Sister’s March completely fits the bill.

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Han Eun Jung cast as the other Gumiho

May 20, 2010

I had mentioned in the initial Lee Seung Gi casting post about the 2nd gumiho drama happening over at KBS. (Seriously, isn’t that weird after the whole Iljimae hoopla?) This gumiho drama, The Gumiho’s Revenge, tells the story of a gumiho who leaves her husband after he breaks a 10-year old promise. The story also involves their daughter who has human and gumiho blood. The gumiho subsequently decides to take revenge.

The Gumiho’s Revenge will be directed by Lee Geon Joon of You are Very Good, Loveholic, Rosemary, and Loving You and written by Oh Sun Hyung (Don’t Hesitate) and Jung Hye Won (cartoon film). I haven’t actually seen any of these projects so I really don’t know much about the PD or the writers but I do know that the PD Lee Geon Joon is a kdrama short veteran with about a dozen shorts under his belt.

I like Han Eun Jung. I know that she’s not the best actress around but I’ve always liked her and want her to do well. And she’s the only one who was decent in the atrocity that was Cinderella Man. I believe that Gumiho’s Revenge is being set as a sageuk and it will air at the same time as My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, so it’ll be interesting to see them side by side. Although I’m sure that they will be very very different considering it’ll be a sageuk vs the trendiest of trendy dramas in the Hong sisters. The Gumiho’s Revenge will start production in two weeks and air in July after My Country Calls.

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Gumiho Casting Shenanigans

May 18, 2010

Serious? This again? 2 hours after reports of Shin Se Kyung being cast as the gumiho in the Hong sisters drama, My Girfriend is a Gumiho, subsequent reports have denied the casting confirmation. We’ve been down this road many times so it’s really not that big a surprise anymore. Shin Se Kyung, Jeon Ji Hyun, Sandara Park, Lee Min Jung… anyone else up for the rumor mill?

It’s funny that all the report note the start of production at the end of May when the female lead hasn’t even been selected.

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Kim C says goodbye to 1n2d

May 12, 2010

I’m officially sad. Kim C has filmed his final trip with the team, airing on 5/23 & 30. The news has totally taken me by surprise as I had no idea that Kim C was even contemplating a departure. But he’s apparently been thinking about leaving the show since last December and had thought about making the Antarctica trip his last.

As the most pensive member, his actions and words packed a big punch. One of my favorite memories of Kim C is when he made scrambled eggs and coffee (in Macgyvered aluminum foil mugs) for the team and staff on a cold rainy morning. His love for his brothers was so evident in his small gesture and I even learned how to drink coffee without a cup. I also love that he knows so little about pop culture – from his fear of Deux’ famous dance while playing beach volleyball to his ignorance of Sandara Park’s hairstyle from 2NE1.

It’s an understatement to say that Kim C will be sorely missed. Even though it’s sad to see him go, I’m happy to hear that it’s to further his music career – which is definitely my favorite out of all the singers on 1n2d. I adore his latest album and look forward to hearing what’s to come. Below the jump is a translation of an April (pre-departure) interview with Kim C where he talks a little about his new album and the life of variety shows.

With that said, PD Na has confirmed that they will not be looking for a new member and will go back to the 6-men format. This now means that we’ll officially have a new OB vs YB configuration with Eun Ji Won now married and an OLD BOY!

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1n2d: Korean Tour Roadtrip (Part I)

May 3, 2010

Here’s the world premiere of Doo-san!! (ㅋㅋ Just kidding…)

Even though this little boy looks like a clone of Ho Dong, he’s only a kid that the members meet on their Korea Coastal Roadtrip. The 3n4d trip have the men driving around the whole coast of Korea to introduce towns that are a little off the beaten path. Watching the first two episodes of the trip, they seem to be traveling from one place to another, just to try out the local cuisine. These two episodes have totally been keeping me hungry.

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