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Crush of the Day: Gong Hyo Jin

August 6, 2011

Not every actress can pull off girl next door sexy with such aplomb. But Gong Hyo Jin does it time and time again in real life and on screen. Not only is she talented, but she has such an easy going way about her. Even her outfit above – floral dress paired with the kickass shoes – just radiates her inner beauty mixed with some good ole’ sass. She has always been one of my favorite actresses ever since she played the feisty Mi Rae in Ruler of Your Own World. But she recently upped the ante as the lovable Gu Ae Jung in Greatest Love. I liked her in Pasta but she just hit all the right notes for me and sang her way into my heart as a national treasure. There were quite a few of her projects on my “to watch” list so I’ve been devouring them faster than you can say ‘ding dong’.

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You’ve Fallen for Me: Midterm Report

July 27, 2011

The re-teaming of Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa has been turning away heads in Korea. It’s seen dismal ratings (5-6%) and has netizens writing scathing comments about the drama. One recent review called all the characters an abomination, accused Lee Shin (Jung Yong Hwa) of being a stalker and Kyu Won (Park Shin Hye) a meddlesome ajumma for butting into Shin’s relationship. Way harsh I say! Readers of this blog may remember my You’re Beautiful obsession, so I probably have a soft spot for these 2 actors. But I’ve enjoyed the breezy feel of You’ve Fallen for Me. It’s not reinventing the wheel by any means but what else is new? Every other kdrama has characters falling into stalker-ish behavior and I believe the tenet of kdramaland is being in each other’s business.

I can understand what the netizens are saying. On a micro level, the characters can be annoying. It takes Shin 7 episodes to let go of his teacher crush and Kyu Won does become a bit of a nag. I guess it doesn’t bother me as much because I see the drama as a slice of campus life. Even though it seems like eons ago, I remember my college days and my heightened emotions, especially when I was in love (i.e. had a crush.)

More than a specific storyline or character, I’ve been drawn to the feel of the drama. I’m especially enjoying the colors and the set design. It just seems to fit. Doesn’t the promo remind you of Girls Generation in Gee? (I’ve always been drawn to the SNSD videos more than any of the other idol groups. They’re kitschy but fun.)

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Cutest Couple Ever

July 14, 2011

Seriously – how cute are they?? The Smile, You couple, Lee Chun Hee and Jeon Hye Jin, are just adorable together. They got married in March and have a baby coming any minute. You can even see the slight bump in the wedding pic. The couple has a new CF where Lee Chun Hee plans a surprise event for his pregnant wife. (Cute, cute, cute.)

In drama news, Lee Chun Hee will be the lead in a sageuk KBS short at the end of the month. Love me some Lee Chun Hee in a sageuk so I’m looking for to it.

Below the jump are some great pics of the couple – wedding and a photo shoot. And a small clip of the CF.

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My Year in Kdramaland

July 13, 2011

3 Ha Ji Wons, 2 Lee Da Haes, and a lovely Gong Hyo Jin later… I can’t believe it’s already July. The first half of the year has been a blur. The baby has kept me busy and tired. And it takes me about 5 sittings to finish watching an episode of a drama these days with a now more active baby. I had to stop watching The Duo half way because I couldn’t remember which episode I was watching and kept having to backtrack to figure out the storyline. It will need to be shelved until I can piece together more time.

But I have been able to watch a number of dramas (some halfway) for the better part of the past year and thought I would do a condensed review. What have I learned? Ha Ji Won is a goddess.

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Checking in with The Duo

March 29, 2011

The Duo finally had the adults debut a few weeks ago which helped the ratings front runner to firmly establish its hold. I, of course, initially tuned in to watch Chun Jung Myung and was quickly sucked into the drama with its good story, acting, dialogue, and pacing. The initial disappointed of not seeing Chun Jung Myung early on died down quickly as the kids did a pretty fabulous job of showing layers to each character.

And then the “10 Years Later” sign finally flashed and the stars showed up on screen. ‘Finally’ I thought to myself. As much as I had been enjoying the kids story, I was ready for some adult action. Unfortunately, the crop of adult actors are doing no justice to the still great drama. Han Ji Hye is a total bore – it’s like she’s playing a different character than Jin Se Yun (child counterpart) as the compassionate and arrogant Dong Nyeo. Sadly, Chun Jung Myung first foray into a sageuk hasn’t been a good one [yet]. He seems confused and befuddled as Chun Doong, the lovable slave turned shoemaker turned merchant, after he was fabulously played by the child actor No Young Hak. Also, am I the only one who’s bothered by the oddly teased hair?? Lee Sang Yoon is quite one note as the fake son of nobility, Gwi Dong. Seo Hyun Jin is probably the best as the feisty shoemaker, Dal Yi. Besides all having their own issues, whether its robot-like delivery, ineptitude at sageuk talk, or downright bad acting, it’s the chemistry between the leads which has dropped off the planet.

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What I’ve been doing…

March 4, 2011

I know it’s been like a year since my last post but I’ve been off doing something wonderful. Making a baby! She (hereby named Tuna – one of her nicknames) turned 6 weeks old yesterday and I finally feel like my head is above water. I’ve been meaning to post for a LONG time but bad morning sickness, bedrest (with hubby not wanting me to place the laptop on top of the belly), and the like has kept me away.

But through it all, I’ve been feeding my kdramas addiction. And even more so recently, as I’ve turned into a milking machine with the baby plastered on me for 6-8 hours a day. I can’t promise a lot of posting but I’m hoping to be able to post more frequently as I get used to life with a newborn.

My drama watching was relegated to happy and light ones during the pregnancy. So I’ve had my fill of rom-coms. (I wanted to keep myself from being too sad or crying too much. Funny, I know.) But I’m ready to take on heavier fare. Has anyone seen President? Now that is one couple with some acting chops. And The Duo has whetted my appetite for more Chun Jung Myung. Yum.

Disco Makes a Comback in Gloria

June 29, 2010

Missing disco? Then here’s a show for you! The new Lee Chun Hee (!!) / Bae Doo Na drama about life in a night club promises to provide all that disco you’ve been missing in your life.

I’m a little late in posting but I figured it’s better late than never to post some Lee Chun Hee news! (BTW – how cute does he look holding onto the pair of sneakers!) Our favorite Chunderella has been cast as a badass tough gangster. But it looks like at least a little bit of his Chunderella ways is left as he’s a gangster without much talents in fighting. He also plays Bae Doo Na’s childhood friend and comes to her aid whenever she’s in a bind.

The real lead in the drama is Bae Doo Na who plays an aspiring lounge singer while taking care of her mentally disabled sister. It looks to be the usual poor but hardworking girl rising out of the depths to find love and success – with a Saturday Night Fever twist. The PD for the drama is Kim Min Shik who most recently brought us, Still, Marry Me and Queen of Housewives, and is written by Jung Ji Woo of Wish Upon a Star.

Rounding out the casting is Suh Ji Suk (OBGYN Doctors), who plays the quintessential chae-bol who falls in love with the poor girl and So Yi Hyun (Assorted Gems), an illegitimate daughter of a chae-bol who brings a truck load of personal issues. The drama will also have the cutie Parang from Wish Upon a Star (Chun Bo Geun) playing Lee Chun Hee’s nephew who befriends Bae Doo Na’s disabled sister. I’m sure a lot of the cute, sweet moments will be coming from this relationship.

The PD and writer duo may not have shattered any minds but have produced enough watchable dramas in the recent years to warrant a gander. I had originally thought that Lee Chun Hee was the main male lead in the drama but I’m not so sure anymore reading some of the articles that have mentioned the Bae Doo Na – Suh Ji Suk loveline. As much as I love Bae Doo Na, I’m really hoping for lots and lots of Lee Chun Hee face time since he’s the main draw for me.

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