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2009 Dae Jong (Grand Bell) Awards

November 6, 2009

The 46th Dae Jong (Grand Bell) Awards took place on 11/6. It’s the oldest film award in Korea and is considered to be one of the most prestigious award in Korea, along with the Blue Dragon Awards. The Divine Weapon took home the Best Picture Award. (Best Picture nominees above.) The full results plus red carpets pictures below jump.

List of nominees with winner in bold:

Best Picture
The Divine Weapon [신기전], Haeundae, Mother, Sky and Sea [하늘과 바다], Take-off [국가대표]
Best Director
Bong Joon Ho (Mother), Jeon Yoon Soo (Portrait of a Lady), Jung Ki Hoon (Ae-ja), Kim Yong Hwa (Take-off), Yoon Je Gyoon (Haeundae)
Best Actor
Ha Jung Woo (Take-Off), Jung Jae Young (The Divine Weapon), Kim Myung Min (My Love By My Side 내사랑 내곁에), Kim Yoon Suk (Running Turtle, 거북이 달린다), Seol Kyung Gu (Haeundae)
Best Actress
Choi Kang Hee (Ae-ja), Jang Nara (Sky and Sea), Kim Hae Ja (Mother), Kim Min Sun (Portrait of a Lady), Soo Ae (Sunny, 님은 먼곳에)
Best Supporting Actor
Jang Geun Suk (Itaewon Murder Case, 이태원 살인사건), Jin Gu (Mother), Jung Kyung Ho (Running Turtle), Kim In Kwon (Haeundae), Kim Nam Gil (Modern Boy)
Best Supporting Actress
Choo Ja Hyun (Portrait Of A Beauty), Kim Bo-Yun(Possessed, 불신지옥), Kim Hae Sook (Thirst, 박쥐), Kim Young Ae (Ae-ja), Nam Neung Mi (My Love By My Side), Uhm Jung Hwa (Haeundae)
Best Screenplay
Jung Ki Hoon (Ae-ja), Kim Ki Duk/Ok Jin-Gon (Rough Cut,영화는 영화다), Kim Mi Hyun (Cell Phone, 핸드폰), Lee Hae Joon (Castaway On The Moon, 김씨표류기), Lee Yong Joo (Possessed)
Best New Director
Jang Hoon (Rough Cut), Kim Eun Joo (Summer Whisper), Lee Ho Jae (Scam, 작전), Park Gun Yong (Lifting King Kong, 킹콩을 들다), Yang Ik Joon (Breathless)
Best New Actor
Cha Seung Woo (Go Go 70s), Kang Ji Hwan (My Girlfriend is an Agent, 7급공무원), Kim Nam Gil (Modern Boy), So Ji Sub (Rough Cut), Song Chang Eui (Boys Don’t Cry, 소년은 울지 않는다)
Best New Actress
Joo Ni (Sky And Sea), Kim Kkot Bi (Breathless, 똥파리), Lee Young-Eun (Summer Whisper, 여름 속삭임), Park Bo-Young (Speed Scandal, 과속 스캔들), Sun Woo Sun (Running Turtle)

Rest of the Winners:
Best Production: Yoon Je Gyun (Haeundae)
Best Cinematography: Park Hee Joo (Portrait Of A Beauty)
Best Lighting: Park Hyun Won (Thirst)
Best Editing: Kim Hyun (The Divine Weapon)
Best Visual Effects: Jung Sung Jin (Take-Off)
Best Sound: Oh Se Jin/Blue Cap (The Divine Weapon)
Best Music: Kim Joon Suk (Frozen Flower, 쌍화점)
Best Art Direction: Kim Ki Chul (Frozen Flower)
Best Costume: Kwon Yoo Jin/Choi Eui Young (The Good, the Bad, and the Weird, 좋은놈,나쁜놈,이상한놈)
Popularity Award: Kim Myung Min (My Love By My Side), Park Bo Young (Speed Scandal)

The Dae Jong Awards had its share of controversies again this year, due to the lack of certain names in the nominations: namely Ha Ji Won (Haeundae, My Love By My Side), the Jury Award winner at Cannes – Park Chan Wook‘s Thirst, and Kim Ji Woon‘s The Good, The Bad, and The Weird.  The Awards have seen its share of controversies in the past due to accusations of bribery and corruption.

As much as I enjoy award shows and respect the movies nominated (I try to watch the Oscars noms before the show airs),  its usually difficult to capture all of the best films of the year.  And each award tends to skew to its preferences, meaning sometimes a good movie (aka Thirst) or good actor (aka Ha Ji Won) doesn’t get acknowledged.  I don’t think it’s such a big deal really.

Without further ado, here are the red carpet pics:

Best Actress and Actors: Soo Ae and Kim Myung Min
(Soo Ae’s dress looks a bit like a bed dress? And I think she needs a bit more makup. This isn’t Kim Myung Min at the award show but I couldn’t find a pic of him.)

You’re Beautiful stars and Best Supporting Actor Nominees: Jang Geun Suk and Kim In Kwon
(Jang Geuk Suk is so cute!! And Kim In Kwon looks pretty good also in all black.)

Best Actress/Supporting Actress Nominees: Kim Min Sun, Kim Young Ae, Choi Kang Hee
(Kim Min Sun’s mermaid dress is a bit too sparkly for my taste, although I love the color. Kim Young Ae looks great, very age appropriate. Whereas Choi Kang Hee, looks a bit decade and age inappropriate in that dress.)

Best New Actor/Actress Winners: Kang Ji Hwan, Kim Kkot Bi
(Kang Ji Hwan is a handsome man, but his jacket looks a bit odd. Maybe the fabric just doesn’t photograph well? I have no idea what the usually cute Kim Kkot Bi is wearing.)

Best Actress/Supporting Actor/New Actress Nominees: Jang Nara, Jin Gu, Joo Ni
(Jang Nara asymmetric look is a bit off. Does the hair to the right and dress to the left cancel each other out? Jin Gu and Joo Ni are very cute together, although I can do without her odd white slip.)

Best New Actress Nominees: Park Bo Young, Lee Young Eun
(I think these 2 are the best dressed of the evening. I wish they were wearing a bit more color but the dress looks great on both ladies.)

Hong Soo Hyun (Rough Cut), Jeon Se Hong (Missing)
(Hong Soo Hyun’s dress is quite beautiful, albeit a little low cut. I love the color. Jeon Se Hong misses the mark again in a weird cut out dress that makes her look much older than 26. And this after the green atrocity she wore to the PIFF. Yikes.)

Best Actor and Supporting Actor Nominees: Ha Jung Woo, Kim Nam Gil
(I love Ha Jung Woo in almost anything, even his red velvet bow tie. Haha, cute. Kim Nam Gil’s tux is pretty fantastic.)

Hosts announcer Chae Ji Hwan and Han Ye Seul, Chu Ja Hyun (Portrait of a Lady)
(Han Ye Seul looks ho-hum in her red dress. And Chu Ja Hyun – a choker?? Yikes.)

Girl idols: Ga In and Yoona
(Ga In is dressed for the MTV movie awards and Yoona looks like she’s going out on a date, not going to an awards show.)

Cutie Kim Hee Chul (Loving You a Thousand Times), Lee Mae Ri (Queen of Housewives)

Best Director winner Kim Yong Hwa (Take-Off) and Kim Young Ho (Portrait of a Lady)

Via Newsen, Stoo , Osen

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